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click on maxine holz’s name when s/he posts, and it will say “nancy oakes.”

click on nancy oakes’ name when s/he posts, and it will say “maxine holz” @nancy oakes.

click on gene sharp’s name when s/he posts and it will say “maxine holz”

um, wtf.


11 Responses to “huh?”

  1. mizpat

    @a_small_voice: thank you for revealing the troll. more false identities coming, i’m afraid. ows forums are nearly useless from all the trolls there, unfortunately.

  2. OaklandMatt

    I’ll borrow a common line from the critics and say “get a job” Maxine, erm Nancy, erm, whoever you are…

  3. calaverasgrandes

    yeah really, who the eff is Maxine Holz and when was she authorized as the leader and spokeperson? Did I miss a memo?

  4. a_small_voice

    “I merely cast light on what already exists. “———– that’s exactly what i was doing with my first post. you’ll get no battle from me. i know that’s what you want.

  5. fellow worker

    yeah no shit… hence the reason i told all three of you to go away… lest you have my undies, which i would like to have back.

  6. Maxine Holz

    Do you expect me to connect ALL the dots for you? I chose to use a fake name when your media committee started calling press conferences with fake names. The transparency there is as phoney as the solidarity — I merely cast light on what already exists. The idea is for you to think for yourself and not to believe everything you read or hear. You’re being duped, and not by me.

  7. Simcha

    Thanks for the education. Do you claim to speak for these people?

  8. Maxine Holz

    Maxine Holz is the psuedonym of the lady who appears on TV as a leader and spokeperson for your movement and who calls press conferences.

    Nancy Oakes was the girlfriend of Richard Greene, the British TV actor who played Robin Hood in the 50’s.

    Gene Sharp is the world famous author of ”From Dictatorship to Democracy” and the godfather of the so-called soft-coup.

    Did your mommy and daddy really name you a_small_voice? I’d wager not, and that less than half of those who post their ”ideas” here do so with their full and real name.

    The diversity of names serves a purpose that is opaque to you, even as I reveal the tactic itself.