GA Minutes 10.27.11

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General Assembly


Arrival Time: 7:00 pm

Approximate Head Count: 1,000


  • We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains)
  • Submit proposals to, or submit in person on paper.  Three or more people must endorse a proposal and be present during its presentation to the GA.
  • This is how we run the GA (explains process, hand signals, vote count, etc).
  • All are welcome to do autonomous actions with or without the approval of the GA.



Kittens’ Action: We propose that people converge here at the plaza on Saturday at 11am.  During this meeting we would form small affinity groups and come up with actions to present creatively to Oakland citizens.  Our aim would be to engage people in dialogue about issues in their lives and about the movement.  We would meet again at 4pm to discuss outcomes of these actions.

  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • Who would train people to carry out these actions? – We invite you to cultivate your own leadership.  We can train ourselves.
    • How will you ensure that groups have cultural affinity with neighborhoods they visit? – We ask for people to use their best judgment.
    • What do we want from these conversations with community members? – Exposure and connection to the movement.
    • Do we have a common message? – They tried to stamp us out, now we fan the flames regarding banks, the rich, societal problems, etc.  Talk, listen and spread the word.
    • What supplies should we bring and/or use? – Bring information about the General Strike.  Be creative and contribute your own content.
    • What does it mean to “use your best judgment” while visiting neighborhoods? – Start in your own neighborhood and then branch out.  We build the road by walking.  No one has all of the answers.
    • Temperature check: who is ready to vote?  It seems most would like to vote.
    • People got into small groups of 20 and voted. Reps from each group tallied votes and reported votes to the facilitators and crowd advocates.




YES: 684


NO: 18


2. Speak-Out Against Police Brutality: We propose that people support, participate, and organize a speak-out against recent OPD actions and police brutality in general.  We would like to hold this speak-out on Saturday, Oct. 29th at 6pm.


  • Now we’ll break into small groups to discuss this proposal. (People broke into groups and discussed ideas and questions).


  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • When does it end?  – 6pm-8pm.
    • Is there an emphasis on peace? – If the police are peaceful, the people will be peaceful.  Channel your anger and fructrations.
    • Could this be an outreach opportunity? – Yes.
    • What about GA? – We will not have GA that day.  We are no longer in emergency mode, so we will return the 4x per week GA schedule as previously voted upon by the assembly.
    • What are the goals of this event? – Education.
    • Can those who have been brutalized speak out? – yes.
    • Pros
      • This happens in Oakland’s poorer communities.
      • This fits with our communities and with our movement.
      • This will educate people with privilege who are in the movement.
      • This addresses the “99%.”
      • Cons
        • We want to be sure that this is a nonviolent action.
        • Public safety is a concern.
        • Voting Process: People got into small groups of 20 and voted. Reps from each group tallied votes and reported votes to the facilitators and crowd advocates.



90.7% in favor.  THIS PROPOSAL HAS PASSED.

YES: 305


NO: 31



  • OWS marched in solidarity with OO.  OWS donated 200 tents to OO.
  • Boston has a solidarity march planned.
  • OO has received statements from Germany and Egypt. 
  • Occupy Dusseldorf had a spontaneous demonstration in response to OO.
  • Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with the General Strike.




  • Camper’s Meeting: Meets at 9:30 am
  • Facilitation Working group: Meets at 12 noon under the trees
  • Coordinating meeting – Meets 5pm@ plaza
  • Support in Solidarity Committee: Addresses issues of law, arrest, bail, etc.  Meets 12 pm at the plaza.  Legal update from National Lawyer’s Guild: 10 people who were arrested will be released.  One person is still inside.  Help drive those back home from Santa Rita (in Dublin).  Two people were arrested trying to board BART the night OSF faced a raid.  Arraignment at 2pm tomorrow.  Bail = $5500 – contribute what you can.
  • Media Committee: We need media, propaganda, and content.  Weekend help is needed.
  • Finance committee: Meets at 6pm, T/TH at the top of the steps in the plaza.
  • Supply Committee: Meets at the supply tent at 3pm.
  • Kitchen Committee: Needs donations or food delivered.
  • Sound Committee: Needs power amp or another PA system.
  • Info Tent: Needs volunteers to staff the tent and help the public and campers, 8am-10pm.


  • If you wish, please donate money for bail to help those imprisoned.
  • 5:30 Tuesday – political propaganda will be ready for distribution.
  • OWS donated 200 tents, to arrive soon.
  • Comrade from the movement was targeted by police and now his leg is broken.
  • We are making a proposal regarding Mayor Quan.  We feel she needs to leave the office.
  • March Saturday after Speak-Out against police brutality, at 8pm.
  • City of Oakland says that people may receive citations for camping in the park after hours, but arrests are not likely.
  • Call Dept. of Public Works to reclaim your tents, sleeping bags, or other personal items that were stolen during the raid.
    • 510-615-5566
    • 510-238-3021
    • 510-238-3874
    • 10,000 flyers and posters for the General Strike will arrive tomorrow at 5pm.
    • Just to clarify any confusion: Mayor Quan came to the GA to speak after stack was closed.
    • Parents of students whose schools will close are going to organize at Laney College on Sunday, 10/30, at 2pm in Room G100.
    • Support the relegalize cannabis  hemp action; it is green and environmentally friendly.
    • Lost phone – please reclaim after GA.



10:00  pm


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