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General Strike Posters

Download the official Occupy Oakland Nov 2 General Strike & Mass Day of Action posters & flyers for print 2596


Alameda Central Labor Council endorses Nov 2

Sisters & Brothers, Excitement is continuing to build nationally and worldwide for the “Occupy Movement”! Workers, students, unemployed, homeless, seniors, those who have lost their homes to foreclosures and those who have lost their jobs — the 99% — are standing up and fighting back against the 1%! We are experiencing the results of a failed economy and inability of the richest nation in the world to provide for the 99%. We know that the 1% is only getting greedier and richer. But, things are changing and this movement is … Continued


Media meeting notes 10/29

Agenda 1. New PR/ Babysitting Comittee 2. Press Releases 3. Strike Media 4. Infrustructure 5. Livestreaming Meeting 1. New PR / Babysitting Comittee * There has been a desire expressed to have people to escort the media through the camp and being an intentional media guide. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out but this is not intended to be spokespeople for the camp. They aren’t supposed to be speaking to the media, just directing the attention to people that are good at dealing with the media. * This was already … Continued


Want to serve a federal summons on the 1%?

I’ve filed suit against $4 billion, Fortune-500, corporate ‘citizen’ D  R Horton, and the founder’$ EIGHTEEN judge$.  Does someone want to serve it on a few of the 1% that have been ripping us off? Ninth Circuit; Oakland Division; 11-cv-3567-DMR, Summons issued 10-28-11 Patrick Missud, Esq. CA 219614, Civil Rights and financial frauds; 2583


As the Rain Comes…

Stay positive. We have each other when the weather turns angry. Look to one another for inspiration, laughter, strength and solidarity. KNOW that we are out there and you have support. AND SOCKS!! 2580


A Parent’s Reflection on Occupy Oakland

This was posted today on my blog Seattle Education. You might be wondering why I am posting so much about the Occupy Movement. It’s because of the transference of wealth from the hands of the many to the pockets of a few that our public school systems have been suffering for at least three decades. My first post on the original Seattle Education 2010 blog written in 2009, Where Do We Go From Here?, described in detail what I have observed over my lifetime in terms of education. Now this … Continued


Time Warner Cable: Buying Legislators and Selling Legislation

TIME WARNER CABLE: BUYING LEGISLATORS AND SELLING LEGISLATION Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 45: Communication 1 IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 31 Oct 2011 (g1a2d0045c1) How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act? Many Americans think that at the state level a bill becomes law only if it is passed by both House and Senate and signed by the Governor. Not so. Across our 50 states we have no less than 63 ways a bill can become “law without signature” by a Governor looking … Continued


Radical Mental Health Affinity/Co-counseling Group

No doubt we’re all entirely focused on organizing for Wednesday, but, when you get a sec to think about it, I’d like to announce/organize the creation of a small radical mental health affinity/co-counseling group for Friday, November 4th at 6 PM.  Here’s a link:   Icarus East Bay Kickoff Assembly: What’s Crazy? “The only problem with seeing too much is that it makes you insane.” Phaedrus Are we crazy? This is a rallying cry from Oakland to Berkeley and beyond for those who’ve ever been told they’re insane, or … Continued


A sick day for all.

Just an idea, but what if everyone called out sick on the same day? We are sick of the corruption going on, and if the people stopped working, the government would stop working. A massive strike. 2556


Anyone interested in proposing a consumer boycott?

I’ve written a proposal for one but haven’t had the time or opportunity to discuss it with many people. The briefest of summaries: consumer spending makes up 70% of economic activity in the U.S. and companies make a huge chunk of their profits during the holiday season. We can hit them really hard by refusing to spend toward big companies at big retailers on holiday-related products (including those simply being pushed during the season). Email me if you’re into the idea, and I can send you a preliminary version of … Continued