Occupy Oakland Poster for Nov 2 General Strike

Categories: General Strike - 11/2/11

Black & White PDFs for printing available for download below. Print them out and distribute them widely!

black and white 11×17″ two page bilingual poster
black and white 2 up on 8.5×11″ bilingual hand bill


Liberate Oakland
Shut Down the 1%
General Strike & Mass Day of Action
called for by Occupy Oakland

Wednesday November 2, 2011
Everyone to the Streets!
No Work! No School!

Converge on Downtown Oakland
to help shut down the city

mass gatherings at 14th & Broadway:
9:00am • 12 noon • 5:00pm
All banks and corporations must close down for the day or we will march on them

• Solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement
• End Police Attacks on Our Communities
• Defend Oakland Schools & Libraries
• Against an economic system built on inequality & corporate power that perpetuates racism, sexism & the destruction of the environment



A liberar Oakland
A Cerrar al 1%
Huelga General y Día de Acciones Masivas
convocado por Occupy Oakland

Mie, 2 noviembre 2011
¡Todo el mundo a la calle!
¡Ni trabajo, ni escuela!

Punto de reunión en Downtown Oakland
para ayudar a paralizar la ciudad

Reuniones masivas en la 14 con Broadway
9:00am • 12 del medio día • 5:00pm
Todos los bancos y las empresas deben cerrar todo el día o los bloquearemos

• Solidaridad con el movimiento internacional Occupy
• No más ataques de la policía en nuestras comunidades
• Defendamos las escuelas y bibliotecas de Oakland
• Contra un sistema político basado en la desigualdad y el poder corporativo que perpetua el racismo, sexismo y la destrucción del medio ambiente.



4 Responses to “Occupy Oakland Poster for Nov 2 General Strike”

  1. books

    Can you circulate a template for the posters? I have a Chinese-language translation and I’d like to make some posters! Thanks!

  2. xica

    Need to translate posters and flyers into more languages – mandarin, arabic, tagalog, etc!

  3. Annie L.

    Hello! The posters look AMAZING! Two friendly suggestions for improving them though: Mass Day of Action should be switched to Day of Mass Action. Also, the times we voted on at the Strike meeting yesterday were 9am 12noon and 6pm. The poster says 5pm. Food for thought! Much Love, annie.