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Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1%
Wednesday November 2, 2011

Below is the proposal passed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Wednesday October 26, 2011 in reclaimed Oscar Grant Plaza. 1607 people voted. 1484 voted in favor of the resolution, 77 abstained and 46 voted against it, passing the proposal at 96.9%. The General Assembly operates on a modified consensus process that passes proposals with 90% in favor and with abstaining votes removed from the final count.


We as fellow occupiers of Oscar Grant Plaza propose that on Wednesday November 2, 2011, we liberate Oakland and shut down the 1%.

We propose a city wide general strike and we propose we invite all students to walk out of school. Instead of workers going to work and students going to school, the people will converge on downtown Oakland to shut down the city.

All banks and corporations should close down for the day or we will march on them.

While we are calling for a general strike, we are also calling for much more. People who organize out of their neighborhoods, schools, community organizations, affinity groups, workplaces and families are encouraged to self organize in a way that allows them to participate in shutting down the city in whatever manner they are comfortable with and capable of.

The whole world is watching Oakland. Let’s show them what is possible.

The Strike Coordinating Council will begin meeting everyday at 5pm in Oscar Grant Plaza before the daily General Assembly at 7pm. All strike participants are invited. Stay tuned for much more information and see you next Wednesday.



  1. yerba

    At the end of the day you do form the backbone.
    I find it interesting that the REI tents in Snow Park are better than any I’ve ever owned.

    Small business is the seed that grows into growth for all.

    If you studied Icelandic Art History in college you may fail to grasp that concept.
    I feel your pain with student loans. I owe over $75k in student loans. It seems too much some times.
    Difference is I obtained an MBA. Understanding how the game of life works helps you to navigate its tough waters.

    I have a job, make a decent wage, and have been to Iceland.

    You should go. It really is beautiful. 🙂

  2. nenya

    Wonderful. I have heard that Occupy Oakland is impacting the small businesses around the plaza – whether this is true or not we should absolutely make a point to patronize them. We need to make sure that they thrive and remain in our community.

  3. peaceoutside

    Please, please, I beg you, teach yourself what sarcasm is and learn to identify obvious examples of it. While you’re at it, do the same with irony, parody and satire. I have a feeling you’re missing out on a lot our culture has to offer.

  4. Jeff May

    I don’t see how a general strike necessarily hurts small businesses.

    1) If the small business owner takes the day off, they are not paying wages, suppliers, etc. They are not making money, but given that thousands of people will be out in support of each other, they will not likely need to spend money. In this sense, it is probably a wash.

    2) I doubt that all forms of trade will be shut down. If a business decides to stay open (which I think would be counter to their own interests) they may still make some sales. In fact, I think true entrepreneurs would utilize this as an opportunity to try out a different model of providing service for remuneration.

    Let’s not loose our imagination at a time when we need it most.

  5. erkpo2011

    justhephax, you should be called justhefalse. Anybody with eyes and any sense of reason looking at the video can see that no firecracker was launched. You’re full of bull. Those are tear gas canisters being thrown back from the crowd toward the police, NOT fireworks. You should be ashamed of yourself to spreading lies, and for obstructing the justice that must be served in terms of a man getting injured quite severly! Its pretty clear from this vantage point that no firecrackers were involved.

  6. buzzsaw

    The wealthy will respond with violence to non-violence?? I seem to remember seeing a video of one of the occupiers admitting that bottles, rocks, and firecrackers were thrown at police officers first. Where is the non-violence? if you read the police procedures about riot control granted it is from 2005, but it will show that the police will only respond if violence starts up. The fact that there are separate factions within the occupy movement is killing the movement. The radicals who are causing problems and breaking windows are not something that should be supported, but it seems the movement cant control that. To all those who compare this with the civil rights movement is out of their minds. The civil rights marchers never engaged in violence and never started by throwing rocks or anything at police, so do me a favor and do not compare civil rights movement with the occupy movement. It would bring shame to mlk

  7. buzzsaw

    oakland is the 99%, so why protest the 99%. Go protest danville or orinda just as guru stated.

  8. buzzsaw

    @opportunity- I think you should have stayed in school, so you could learn sarcasm. If you cant understand what hamtaro is saying then i can see why this movement will fail. You want small business owners to shutdown,the 99%

  9. Opportunity For All

    In agreement with conches and nenya! Three time this week I bought breakfast at small businesses near City Hall instead of eating at home. Wanted to help –in case they lost any customers due to some people avoiding the area in fear of being caught up in a police action.

  10. Opportunity For All

    Dear hamtaro,

    It may be helpful to do some research on who the “ultra wealthy elite” actually are and to focus concerns about inequality in the distribution of wealth and opportunity at the appropriate people.

    When defining the “ultra wealthy elite”, it is not likely that the “ultra wealthy” own corner stores. Not enough money made there. Cab drivers are certainly not among the wealthy in the U.S. Maybe some of the cab company owners are somewhat wealthy. Most food vendors go out of business in their first 3 years due to lack of profits. That is a very tough industry to make money in. Who are the wealthy and maybe “ultra wealthy”? Some of the executives who work in the Clorox building, etc.

  11. xica

    PROPOSAL FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS: 1/2 day teach-in, then WALK-OUT en masse!

    Participation in this historic and important general strike should be in the spirit of changing/doing away with the system that steals from our schools to pay for wars and lines the pockets of the 1%.

    But, we don’t want our public elementary, middle and high schools to lose out on funding due to absenteeism on this day. I believe that students are required to attend at least 1/2 day in order for the school to receive the alotted $$ per student per day.

    Therefore students, teachers and parents who want to organize collective participation in the general strike should plan teach-ins for the first half of the school day, then walk out en masse! It can even be done field trip style.

    Or, there’s always the good old-fashioned sick-out!

  12. smoothmonkey

    (want to rephrase: all PEOPLE of the 99% … thanks 🙂

  13. smoothmonkey

    Yep. With great trepidation I opened a small business in Oakland two years ago, took a 70% paycut, helped to renew a blighted section of a major street, employed 25 people, and began working 7 days a week to become a tycoon. The business owners around me are the same. We sit around in smoky rooms laughing as we count our gold. Seriously. I barely make overhead each month. We might still shut down (or operate on a donation model for a day) — but it is stressful to try and make a difference in a community and to feel squeezed on all sides. Please have some compassion for small business owners. We’re doing out best to keep it small and local. I love Oakland. Education, peace, communication and clear goals are key. I hope we can have some patience here … this process can really work if we hold space for all levels of the 99% to understand what’s going on and get on board. Perhaps this could be a sea change, not just a knee jerk reaction to a painful period of history. Perhaps our focus as a nation could turn toward education, the environment, health and welfare, and the stimulation of bold new enterprises to support the human race as a whole. Reductive language reduces the possibilities.

  14. Karlos Marxos

    Thanks for that, PseudoCelts! I’m glad that others are getting it. The other ridiculous thing is he’s asking us to let that class collaborator of a Mayor to have the chance to steal the spotlight and pragmatically tame the movement and put it in her corner. We’re NOT the 99%; we’re the 67%: THE WORKING CLASS. It’s time to tell the liberals and the other 32% of exploiters to piss off! They want ride on our shoulders, and shackle us to the system with “TAX THE RICH” and a muddled anti-corporatism. In other words, they wish to sell us down the river with half-measures and reforms which protect their precious small businesses and cushy salaried professions to replenish the system and give THEMSELVES a chance to hold the whip at a later date, and leave us right back where we were after May ’68. Leave it to the liberal temperists to describe a peaceful industrial action as “VIOLENT!” Pretty soon they’ll be cowed by cries of “MOB RULE” and “TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY,” as well! “REVOLUTION’S JUST A STEP TOO FAR” Don’t be surprised, they always take this tone when working people snub their liberal sensibilities.


  15. uneasysupporter

    People: Do we realize what we are doing…….We are not leading an effort for change. We are causing a great many people to hate us for disrupting businesses and we are illegally trespassing. Beyond that we are not using our strength to do good. We are causing all of the cities we are occupying to deplete precious funds that could be allocated for homeless, job training and funding social programs. We are going about this all the wrong way. Let us organize among ourselves and make a movement for change not for civil unrest.

    We are going to cause nothing but trouble for ourselves and the others we support by causing our support to erode. We must have an organized message, not a bitch session of all that is not to our liking. Please let us organize with a central theme with a political force by which we can change the system. Politics is what changes the system, not civil unrest, trespass and living like cave men and women……We are promoting unhealthy, unsanitary environment. IS THAT WHAT WE WANT OUR MESSAGE TO BE?

    We should be protesting in Washington D.C. in the the presidents front yard. We cannot promote change in the manner or means we are currently employing. We must organize a leadership united for change in a political forum where we can effect change, not destroy property, cause others to hate us and get people hurt or killed. It didn’t work in the 60’s and 70’s. It won’t work today. I beg all of you my friends my comrades my brothers, my sisters to please don’t cause all of our energy to be wasted as a result of those who wish to incite nothing but violence.

  16. nenya

    I would venture to suggest that instead of boycotting ALL businesses on 11/2 that we instead patronize only small, locally owned businesses and stick to that as a matter of principle. Continue doing this beyond 11/2 and make it part of your daily routine! I am dismayed to see some people at OO drinking their iced coffees out of plastic Starbucks cups with a plastic lid and a plastic straw. This is an example of not walking their talk.

  17. Mahinalae

    I agree that keeping the focus on economic injustice is appropriate and a great unifier. Contraction/consolidation and in some industries, globalization has given small business a more difficult climate in which to operate.

  18. PseudoCelts

    Psychological injury even though you weren’t at the site? Oversight by “an elder or an indigenous member of the community” (*cough*white guilt*cough*)? Strikes as violence and irrational behavior? Congratulations, you are a proponent of the indulgent weenie-ism that has incapacitated the left’s ability to build militant working-class power for the last 30 years or so. This is an attempt to break through those barriers to build an actually-effective social movement. If you don’t like it, get out of the damn way, but don’t presume to make ridiculous ‘demands’.

  19. Mahinalae

    Restorative justice with Mayor Quan may be a very good idea.

  20. Mahinalae

    I simply urge nonviolence as an approach, even or especially with edgier actions like building occupations and traffic shutdowns. Reform’s won in the streets, but we need to keep our nonviolence noses clean — or be discredited in a hurry and face more vicious repression. We have the edge now in Oakland I will be there on Wednesday. Reform Wall Street, take back Main Street.

  21. mightybender

    Sure, let’s just continue to sit there and get beaten and abused. Yeah, that works so much better than MARCHING on THEM! Fear, I’m telling you, fear is why we fail. I am not afraid to march the fuck right up to a sound weapon, gas canister, baton, gun, knife, violent action, none of it. Die on your knees if you so wish to.

  22. mightybender

    Insanity? You wanna sit around in a tent and preach passiveness in the face of brutal force and forced servitude? You are the one who is insane. TAKE A STAND. Do not FEAR. Fear is why we are all being made to suffer. Fear of losing our precious WANTS, our precious WEALTH. Wealth is measured by the amount of LOVE you can give. Love, not cow-towing to city officials and government sheep. Violence IS going to occur, whether you like it or not. It’s either get beaten for taking a stand, or get beaten for taking a seat. I’ll stand, thanks.

  23. dharmasyd

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Would you be so kind as to try to say this again. Maybe I’m not considered an elder, but I am 78 years old and a multi decade veteran of attempting to bring fairness and justice to our very sorry world.

  24. David Rosen

    Your words are much appreciated. I believe that in the end we will see that divisions by party or ideological belief are insignificant compared to our shared desire for a better future!

  25. David Rosen

    Thanks! Same to you! All the best! Let’s keep growing our strength and our heart EVERYWHERE!

  26. David Rosen

    And reading your post sends huge inspiration back in return!!

  27. David Rosen

    We want to do better than the current system! Let’s look to deliver the powerful message that we all want to deliver about the need for deep and fundamental change. And at the same time let’s do everything we can to take care of people needs. Concerns about paychecks and childcare and violence are important! And let’s self-police (some of this has been ongoing). Maybe the best way to build all of this is to build a sense of respect and community amongst ourselves. And despite what local government and the media may suggest at times, we ARE building this! When I’ve been down in Oscar Grant Plaza I’ve been much impressed with the spirit of community. If we build on this… greeting each of with warmth and developing a strong sense of respect for each others’ views and needs… a sense of calm and patience and mutual regard within our community… our movement WILL grow in power!

  28. marcos

    Do people really think that there is significant public support for this that will not make the Occupy movement look weak by overreaching? Occupy is successful because the people are out in front of the activists. I’m not seeing how this doesn’t put the activists out front of the people. We’ve been watching reruns of how that movie ends bad for us for the past 30 years.

  29. meetmethere

    Thank you for offering alternate strategies! Also, consider DBT, sweetheart.

  30. hamtaro

    Yeah! that will show the 1%, you know all those ultra wealthy elites who own the dry cleaners and corner stores in oakland, they need to pay by being forced to shut down for a day! All these fat cats all over oakland, I mean just look at the city, can’t you smell the money?

    What better way to show how mad we are at the food vendors and cab drivers than by punishing them! I am tired of the ultra powerful and wealthy pizza parlor dictating public policy, they need a boycott!!!

  31. Urbaned

    YOU ARE INSANE!!!!!!


    I DEMAND a Restorative Justice Session with Mayor Jean Quan. I have been psychologically injured by this event (I was marching 1/2 block away when it occurred). I DEMAND that OccupyOakland use the Restorative Justice Principles Outlined on the OWS Group site:
    and that the session be livestreamed at:

    I DEMAND an elder or indigenous member of the community to oversee this session and I will not participate in any further violence in the form of 1940’s strikes, shut downs, or irrational behavior. Please let me know when you can facilitate this session:

  32. conches

    A Proposal for Small Local Businesses

    I think the frame of a General Strike is exactly the right one. The power that we have is our ownership of our own bodies, the very same bodies that Oakland and the Nation need to keep running. What a general strike does very simply is to let the 1% know that we can impact them, that they need to listen.

    That said, It suggest that we work hard to keep the focus on the economic injustice of a rigged economic and political system. To that end, we need small and local businesses to take part. And, I would suggest, we want them to take part by highlighting their struggle and their contribution to our local economy. I suggest a flyer that could be posted in their window that is something like “Working for Oakland: Small and Local businesses in solidarity with the 99%”.

  33. conches

    So, I totally have downward pointing wiggly fingers right now. 🙁 I think the frame of a General Strike is exactly the right one. The power that we have is our ownership of our own bodies, the very same bodies that Oakland and the Nation need to keep running. What a general strike does very simply is to let the “owners” now that we can impact them, that they need to listen. Scathingharpy, I agree that the language of “march on” the institutions is wrong. Additionally, if we are to claim to be 99% and not just have that be empty marketing, then we have to reach out. By your description of your situation and your willingness to take time to comment here, it seems clear you identify with the idea that we are negatively impacted by an unjust, rigged, economic/political system.

    So, maybe if you have a vacation day, you could take it and your family could get out of town for a day. Or, you could volunteer in a local community organization? I think we are getting a bit rutted in the rage against the machine mode. “We” need “then” to know they have to listen.

    To the others on this comment chain. This is not your movement to define. It is ours. Leaderless does not mean we are each leaders. It means we each work to find the truth that defines us and moves us all forward. 99% is a HUGE number and turning away allies makes us empty marketing .

  34. votethemout

    contination of list of change demands:
    – term limits
    – zero lobbying allowed, or if allowed it must be open to the general public–take place in a general meeting area open to the public should anyone want to sit in on the “discussion”
    – tax the millionaires and end all 5 homes deductions and all loopholes design for tax evasion
    – corps that use oversea labor should pay an extra 10% in taxes (this goes to corp that hires illegals in U.S. too)
    – all politicians are barred from working for private industry that had lobbied Congress for ten years from the time they leave public office
    – no political appointees from companies that had ever lobbied are allowed to hold public office
    – eliminate the private Federal Reserve or at the very least change its name to Private Monetary Reserve or whatever–they are not part of the federal government and should not be perceive as if they are

    The above will do for starters.

    We should encourage every day each month for national disengagement (no buying, no banking, stop commerce until these changes are met). If money is where the power is, then need to hit them with that same power and if 600 million people for one day stop all activity of commerce for one day each month, they will see the power of the people–if we are the ones feeding them, then let’s stop the feeding and starve them a little.

    That’s all for now. We need to act above the protest or sit ins.

  35. votethemout

    I like the idea of a general strike and I am a 99; however, I don’t think threatening the banks/corps (“…we will march on them”) with marches is appropriate nor effective. What’s the plan? Where’s the list?
    – campaign finance reform (provide free radio and television station for campaigning–time slots and days for campaigning to be determine later) to be paid with $1 automatic deduction from every tax payer (purpose is to eliminate private and corp contribution

  36. M.A.R.

    In retrospect, I wish the General Strike the best of success, but because I see it as an entire community action rather than the traditional meaning of a strike. As people decide how to participate it will be interesting to see how much of a “shutdown” really occurs.

  37. osita

    **Just a word about pulling money out of banks and into credit unions- Great idea! ***
    tip-if you want people to do something, give them the tools to do it.
    could someone compile a list of credit unions in the area, especially those that are not exclusive?
    a while ago we wanted to open a credit union account- but all the ones in oakland you had to work within a specific field- they were not open.
    I am in support of the occupation and global movement against the widespread inequality (economic, educational and in health care) that has become the United states….
    but – What is a general strike going to do??
    the movement wanted to be seen and heard- well you now have the attention of the world, lets come up with something more substantial than a general strike. With specific objective the movement can continue with focus, and perhaps garner additional supporters from new segments of the population. if change is to occur you need to go beyond preaching to the choir of those who already understand the need for change and reach those who think USA a ok.

    it is time for some clear demands- and some education for us 99% folks. Education allows you to make intelligent, informed choices and think for your self! Maybe with more financial education, people can look at a mortgage and say- this is going to screw me over- this person is trying to screw me over- and walk out.
    When you know better- you do better—- Maya Angelou

  38. sewhidbey

    Striking is most commonly associated today with an employee action against employers, you are correct. However, I would respectfully note that historically a general strike is a mass action by not only workers, but students and others to shut down the mechanism of society, calling attention to injustices.
    The plebians of Rome struck in 450 B.C. against the patricians, who kept secret, for selective application, laws which all were required to obey.

    In 1905 Siegried Nacht published a phamplet in Chicago about the general strike. He said, “The profoundest conception of the General Strike, however, [is] the one pointing to a thorough change of the present system: a social revolution of the world; an entire new reorganization; a demolition of the entire old system of all governments.”

    So, striking is also a tool in class struggle against a broader definition of injustices. Nacht, an anarchist, did note that, “the immense advantage of the general strike is that it begins entirely lawfully and without any danger for the workers, and for this reason thousands will take part.”

  39. scathingharpy

    You know what? Bite me. My husband and I are both vets. Iraq war I. We know a little something about the forging of freedom. We are barely keeping our heads above water. And as much as I can support the general movement, the fringe elements among you who are crapping on the escalators at bart, smoking dope in alleyways, and threatening the parents just trying to pick their kids up at school are undermining your cause. Start self-policing. I shouldn’t be afraid to walk down the sidewalk in a town *I* am paying outrageous property taxes in.

  40. init0

    totally agree Michael. I am already in the process of leaving BofA. Unfortunately I can’t re-fi my mortgage (carried by BofA).
    About BofA: did you know…
    – the Employment Development Department (EDD) now processes your unemployment checks via Bank of America check card. So regardless if you want to do business with BofA, you are forced to use them/have a BofA account at least until you jump through hoops to opt-out.
    – BofA will begin charging a $5 fee for debit card use beginning January 2012.
    – BofA will do absolutely NOTHING to help you through a financial hardship (laid off from your job for example) yet will take billions of dollars from the same folks they deny.
    It’s pretty obvious to me that our own government has sold us down the river to corporations but mostly to BofA.
    Boycott BofA and open an account with your local credit union. You will not be disappointed.

  41. octavio

    Hello Eric,
    I want to make sure it is said that because 4000 students in the Oakland Unified School district do not have the money to pay for the buses (AC Transit) and nothing is done about this, the city loses something like 30 million in federal aid already. In the mean time, they are hoping to spend something like 200 billion dollars on a new train to Oakland airport. (That is the transportation budget that is being argued about anyway… I’m not sure all of it will go to the proposed airport train, but my math tells me that to get bus fare for each of those 4000 kids would run around 1.8 mil and stand to gain 30 Mil for the education system in this beautiful tragic city.)

    On the other hand, I want to support your message of voting with what money we have… If we want to make an impact, take your money out of BOA, Wells fargo etc. Put that money back into the community. We DO have power and we CAN do something, but first we have to become aware of that.

  42. stony

    Way to go Oakland. I’m from WI and we recently had our share of protests here. One thing to be mindful of is your language. I am a teacher here in WI and part of a wonderful and strong union who have fought hard for us. When we were protesting it was important not to use the language of “strike”. A strike is action against your employer. Often times strikes are not allowed per workers’ contracts and can lead to being fired. What we did here in WI was political action which is allowed. The last thing the 99% needs is to be fired and replaced be lower paid workers. PR is also very important. When our schools were shut down there was a lot of negative backlash. It was our job to make sure the entire community saw the importance of the action. You certainly don’t want to divide the 99% and turn them against each other. Keep up the good fight.

  43. justhephax

    Scratch that! Watched that one video from overhead, and you see the firecracker go wizzing away behind the police. So I agree, it most likely was the stun grenade that hit olsen.

  44. sewhidbey

    Seems like things do not change. The police attack on Occupy Oakland is remarkably similar to the attack in 1970 on a student occupation and barricades at Portland State University in the aftermath of the invasion of Cambodia and Kent State.
    I was one of the students who made a film about it. For a dose of deja vu, go to:
    I will be with you in spirit on November 2 as you strike for justice and change.

  45. caiside

    Does anyone here know or have the contact information of the name of the Irish national named Seamus that was with Scott Olsen when they were fired upon and injured on Wednesday? Thanks for any help!

  46. justhephax

    Scott Olsen was hit by FRIENDLY FIRE. A firecracker. You can follow it on this video.

    19-20 seconds: A guy#1 tosses a smoking firecracker. See it’s smoke trail just behind the bicyclist girl’s right arm.
    21 seconds: probably ricochets off police (unseen)
    22 seconds: Bounces off guy#2’s backpack (green beanie, holding camera)
    23 seconds: The device sparks and hits the ground. Ignites and makes two explosions: one POP behind guy#2 and the final POW at the far left of the screen. Between the POP and POW you can see Scott Olsen dropping backward to the ground just beyond the girl in orange.

    He was walking away from our viewpoint when he was hit, and he fell backward to his left. His injury was on the front-left side of his head, away from the police line. He wasn’t hit by the police.

    A similar device can be seen in the first part of that video between the 10 to 12 second mark, just after the guy yells “…all you motherfuckers!” The device does a double explosion in the air above the trees – POP – POW! You can see it POP then shoot left and downward before the final POW!

    Scott Olsen was hit in the head by some idiot throwing fireworks.

    Then the asshole cop threw the flash grenade, but the damage was already done.

  47. Michael Cole

    My ‘We Occupy Lansing’ links make it to my Facebook Home page just fine, so far, at any rate.

  48. Joseph

    I would think you would forego a few of your present comforts for a future for both you and your kids…. But I guess you have forgotten that freedom was forged in blood, sweat, And tears.

  49. Jill

    I would think you would forego a few of your present comforts for a future for both you and your kids…. But I guess you have forgotten that freedom was forged in blood, sweat, And tears.

  50. Mankong

    I live in Redlands, CA and we support Oakland!
    Declaration of the Occupation of Redlands
    As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.
    As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.
    They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.
    They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.
    They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.
    They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
    They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.
    They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.
    They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.
    They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.
    They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.
    They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.
    They have sold our privacy as a commodity.
    They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press. They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
    They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.
    They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.
    They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.
    They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.
    They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.
    They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.
    They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.
    They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.
    They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.*
    To the people of the world,
    We, the Redlands General Assembly occupying Redlands, urge you to assert your power.
    Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.
    To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.
    CONGRESS PASS HR 1489 (“RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT” ). THIS REINSTATES MANY PROVISIONS OF THE GLASS-STEAGALL ACT. — Wiki entry summary: The repeal of provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks. Most economists believe this repeal directly contributed to the severity of the Financial crisis of 2007-2011 by allowing Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their depositors’ money that was held in commercial banks owned or created by the investment firms. Here’s detail on repeal in 1999 and how it happened:
    USE CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORITY AND OVERSIGHT TO ENSURE APPROPRIATE FEDERAL AGENCIES FULLY INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis in the following notable cases: (insert list of the most clear cut criminal actions). There is a pretty broad consensus that there is a clear group of people who got away with millions / billions illegally and haven’t been brought to justice. Boy would this be long overdue and cathartic for millions of Americans. It would also be a shot across the bow for the financial industry. If you watch the solidly researched and awared winning documentary film “Inside Job” that was narrated by Matt Damon (pretty brave Matt!) and do other research, it wouldn’t take long to develop the list.
    CONGRESS ENACT LEGISLATION TO PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY BY REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF THE CITIZENS UNITED SUPREME COURT DECISION which essentially said corporations can spend as much as they want on elections. The result is that corporations can pretty much buy elections. Corporations should be highly limited in ability to contribute to political campaigns no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media. This legislation should also RE-ESTABLISH THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES IN THE U.S. SO THAT POLITICAL CANDIDATES ARE GIVEN EQUAL TIME FOR FREE AT REASONABLE INTERVALS IN DAILY PROGRAMMING DURING CAMPAIGN SEASON. The same should extend to other media.
    CONGRESS PASS THE BUFFETT RULE ON FAIR TAXATION SO THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE & CLOSE CORPORATE TAX LOOP HOLES AND ENACT A PROHIBITION ON HIDING FUNDS OFF SHORE. No more GE paying zero or negative taxes. Pass the Buffet Rule on fair taxation so the rich pay their fair share. (If we have a really had a good negotiating position and have the place surrounded, we could actually dial up taxes on millionaires, billionaires and corporations even higher…back to what they once were in the 50’s and 60’s.
    CONGRESS COMPLETELY REVAMP THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION and staff it at all levels with proven professionals who get the job done protecting the integrity of the marketplace so citizens and investors are both protected. This agency needs a large staff and needs to be well-funded. It’s currently has a joke of a budget and is run by Wall St. insiders who often leave for high ticket cushy jobs with the corporations they were just regulating. Hmmm.
    CONGRESS PASSING “Revolving Door Legislation” LEGISLATION ELIMINATING THE ABILITY OF FORMER GOVERNMENT REGULATORS GOING TO WORK FOR CORPORATIONS THAT THEY ONCE REGULATED. So, you don’t get to work at the FDA for five years playing softball with Pfizer and then go to work for Pfizer making $195,000 a year. While they’re at it, Congress should pass specific and effective laws to enforce strict judicial standards of conduct in matters concerning conflicts of interest. So long as judges are culled from the ranks of corporate attorneys the 1% will retain control.
    ELIMINATE “PERSONHOOD” LEGAL STATUS FOR CORPORATIONS. The film “The Corporation” has a great section on how corporations won “personhood status”. . Fast-forward to 2:20. It’ll blow your mind. The 14th amendment was supposed to give equal rights to African Americans. It said you “can’t deprive a person of life, liberty or property without due process of law”. Corporation lawyers wanted corporations to have more power so they basically said “corporations are people.” Amazingly, between 1890 and 1910 there were 307 cases brought before the court under the 14th amendment. 288 of these brought by corporations and only 19 by African Americans. 600,000 people were killed to get rights for people and then judges applied those rights to capital and property while stripping them from people. It’s time to set this straight.

    Read more:

  51. books*not*bombs

    I was there for two hours with my four y.o. son, and did not witness any hostile, rude or violent action from the protesters. Apply critical thinking skills when reading/watching the “news”, please.

  52. books*not*bombs

    Thank you so much for pointing this out, supafishal. I agree completely that we need to avoid leaning on mega-corporations like Amazon in particular if we want to be aligned with our purported ethics and goals. We need to keep focused on supporting small businesses now more than ever. We can take these Globo-Chem sharks down, baby!

  53. M.A.R.

    The most frequent criticism I hear of Occupy Oakland is its extreme aloofness to the relative privilege of its members in comparison to the community they are “occupying”. “How many of them actually live in Oakland?”, “They are the 1%”, “if they’re the 99%, we’re the 98%” and even “racist to the core” are all statements about occupy I’ve heard from progressive, informed People of Color who live in Oakland. I agree that there is a huge problem.

    This aloofness looks like arrogance when (specifically at the Oct. 15th rally for jobs, not cuts) a young white person tries to “educate” us all on how the democrats are “counterrevolutionary”. The call for a general strike is just one more expression of this aloofness. There is no consultation with labor unions before the announcement of the “general strike” making it look, to a unionized worker, like the privileged but unemployed college graduates think they know more about workplace struggles than her/him.

    We need to stop wasting time on things outside of our purview, but more importantly we need to educate ourselves about the role that privilege plays to divide the 99% and work to include more communities of color and labor unions in this movement so that we can support their struggles instead of asking them to support ours.

    I urge people to look at the April 6th Youth Movement in Egypt for an example of how youth heroically supported a textile workers’ strike that was a main precursor to the 2011 revolution.

  54. WebSkipper

    It seems to me that Oakland is the Kent State for the 21st Century. Kent State changed the direction of this nation. As will the Occupy movement. This will once again be a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

  55. cultxpt

    I think the word “peaceful” should be in there somewhere.

  56. farout

    If Oakland was so worried about sanitation and security at the camp, they could have saved some money and rented some extra porta potties and security guards. Fighting the camp with riot squads and tear gas, not to mention a pending lawsuit from Scott Olsen’s family, is going to cost them a whole lot more than it would have to recognize that this is a significant movement that will not go away quietly and roll with it. So what if there is an ordinance against camping in the park? I’m sure it was illegal to destroy personal property when a bunch of tea was dumped in the Boston Harbor too!

  57. farout

    If Oakland was so worried about sanitation and security at the camp, they could have saved some money and rented some extra porta potties and security guards. Fighting the camp with riot squads and tear gas, not to mention a pending lawsuit from Scott Olsen’s family, is going to cost them a whole lot more than it would have to recognize that this is a significant movement that will not go away quietly and roll with it. So what if there is an ordinance against camping in the park? I’m sure it was illegal to destroy personal property when a bunch of tea was dumped in the Boston Harbor too!

  58. nenya

    I’m sorry but calling schools “government indoctrination facilities” is naive and insulting to teachers like myself. I am interested to know what you do for a living? I am in full support of OO and have been down there numerous times, including last night when the GA voted on the General Strike proposal. I feel the need to stand up for women and men who are working their asses off to give children an education. We are laboring under idiotic standards imposed by the state, yes, but each of us can choose the way in which we instruct young minds and help them to have a future. I always emphasize an ecological angle for any lesson that I can possibly insert it in – that’s my contribution. I also work as a naturalist with inner city children who may have never even seen the ocean even though they live in Oakland. I have a feeling that you have no knowledge of the reality of schools and teaching. Please do not say that schools are “process centers for our young” – you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  59. farout

    Sorry you feel that way. Before you get upset over losing one day’s worth of preschool tuition, look at how your investment in Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance is being re-branded as an “entitlement” that the Republicans want to rob you of. Watch your home value tank while the banks that crashed the housing market get Federally subsidized insurance coverage for their losses if you get foreclosed. You stand to loose a lot more if action is not taken. We need to do more than just camp and march to be taken seriously as a movement. A General Strike is a perfect non violent protest. Please step back and look at the big picture, roll with it, and take your family out to Tilden for a mini vacation instead of getting pissed off. Thanks!

  60. Taschia

    the whole country is watching oakland. If we want to make a statement, oakland is the place to do it.

  61. Taschia

    Everyone please remember, peaceful protesting and demonstration. We do not fight fire with fire! Let’s not have anyone else getting hurt! Our strongest weapons are our voices, and the fact that we keep coming back!
    We’re still here!

  62. Aaron Parr

    The demonstrations and occupations must be everywhere for the movement to be effective because the 99% is everywhere. Demonstrations raise awareness in their areas. Considering the high numbers of upper middle class that live in the east bay, working for the 1%, helping the 1% make the rest of us suffer – despite their “liberal” politics – this raised awareness is VERY needed in Oakland. And showing to everyone else that their are many people willing to stand up to the 1% right here inspires more to join the movement.

    Furthermore there are reactionary elements all throughout our local gov’t. Oakland’s government is lousy with these people. These elements need to be challenged. And Oakland’s police department for decades has been problematic to put it mildly. The Black Panthers didn’t begin here for no good reason. The police need to be challenged.

    And why occupy? I ask you this: is this a revolution or not? We are here to retake our country. To occupy its public space. And every space in this country is as good as any other for it.

  63. Aaron Parr

    No, no demands. Build your power. Make them come to us to negotiate, but place no demands at their feet.

  64. guruwoo

    Please go and help Occupy Walnut Creek, Occupy San Ramon, Occupy Pleasanton, Occupy Pleasant Hill too…

  65. guruwoo

    #Occupy Orinda please. Or #Occupy Danville. Why do all you out of towners want to make your stand in Oakland?

  66. Tlahtolli

    bradyoung81, we are not “attacking” in the conventional sense anymore than the Civil Rights movement was “attacking” the white power structure. It is about social justice, plain and simple. However, if you’re on the side of Power, it’s understandable how the Occupation can be perceived as an attack.

  67. SJS

    I wrote a letter to Oakland mayor Jean Quan:

    Mayor Quan,

    I’m terribly disappointed in the way you’d handled the Occupy Oakland protests. Taking what you perceived as a moderate health and safety issue and escalating it what everyone understands is a much more acute threat to pubic safety – the use of police force on a peaceful protest – is completely unacceptable.

    I voted for you, but will think twice before offering you my vote again, depending on how you handle the rest of the debacle. As an Oakland citizen, I demand that you withdraw police forces from the Occupy Oakland protest, halt the incredible display of brutality you’ve allowed, and stop putting the residents of your city at risk by making the downtown area a complete and utter war zone.

    Stephanie Stiavetti

  68. Mark V Reid

    Who is going to helped by this is a better question to ask supafishal.

  69. yiannih

    Local Business should be all too happy to shut down for a day and join, The only problem is that most have the mentality that they themselves are some WS tycoon and that the movement is against them

  70. yiannih

    WRONG Amazon and every other vendor on the internet should collect and pay sales tax. As a local businessman myself I must charge and collect sales tax, I get unfair competition from those who dont who are often selling loss leaders at a price lower than I can buy from my vendors. These companies get their products transported ofver the very infrastructure my customers sales tax revenues provide. If I can do it in one state all by myself completely by hand and it only takes a couple hours , There is no reason Amazon can’t do it in 50 with a piece of software that other companies use. Your claim that its impossible is ridiculous. So sorry if they have to hire a few extra bookeeepers and provide some jobs.

  71. yiannih

    Yes they are, All local Govts have been suckered by the Corporatists who said that if they were given incentives and tax breaks they would move in and provide jobs, yet they have killed more jobs thatn they created by putting small business out of business and created only a few minimum wage jobs. It was all a big Con game because the stores would move into any market they wanted to anyway.

  72. nlovitt

    Considering that the Oakland school board just voted to close 5 schools to save 2 million dollars, but will easily racked up more than 2 million dollars in police overtime pay this year, I would say that you could do more to secure the future of your students by spending the day rallying for them. OPD entry level current annul salary is $71,841 to $90,549, but the total anual compensation on average is $162,000 because of overtime payouts, and this year will surely be worse, meanwhile schools are being shut down to save a comparably miniscule amount of money. Meeting your students in the street and participating in history with them sounds like a valuable educational experience to me and the best thing you could do for them in my opinion. Good luck making your decision! Do what you think is right, and remember that either way, it’s just one day.

    Btw – if you want to see the stats on police overtime, it’s all in the public record, but here’s a good article:

  73. yiannih

    Good idea, start with asking for local laws taking corporate donations out of politics and ending local corporate welfare tax breaks.

  74. scathingharpy

    Way to hold me and my kids hostage! Its one thing to ask people to voluntarily strike on their own, but its another to threaten my place of business, my work. You are practically FORCING businesses to close. You think the CEOS are going to be hurt if you “march” on their businesses? No, youre hurting the 99%-ers who just need their honest pay for an honest day’s work. And I sure as hell am not bringing my girls to daycare down here with the troublemakers in your midst. Thanks for wasting my hard earned preschool tuition too. You JUST lost me.

  75. yiannih

    The point is to hurt the tax funding to show that there are those who dont pay their fair share.

  76. yiannih

    I had to create this account just to say you must be one of the most ill-informed persons on the planet ! It proposes demonstrations at 5 schools the city plans to close. Second its not about taking children out of school, its about the First Amendment and what better way to teach your kids about the Power of the People than by active participation. Third I dont believe its about high school and grade school students, but for college students to attend the protests instead of school.

  77. yiannih

    First of all I dont belive they were referencing high school students when the General Assmbly passed this. I’m pretty sure they were referencing college students. Second there is no better way for High school students to learn about the First Amendment than to spend one day participating in an Assembly for a Redress of Grievance and the next week in school discussing it.

  78. yiannih

    This is the kind of thing I have been waiting for, Boycotts, work stoppages, walkouts the whole 9 yards. taking to the street en masse to be heard.

  79. dal

    Participating in a GENERAL STRIKE is definitely NOT removing education. And, why do you think the school district is in “hot water”, as you put it? Please reevaluated what it means to sit on your hands and wait for the 1% to do the right thing. When a GENERAL STRIKE happens, it does not spring from convenience and safety. It springs from necessity. Ask the children who have little food, clothing, and shelter what kind of education THEY are getting, and try to tell THEM that now is not the time to rise up. Who speaks for them, by the way? A school district already in hot water?

  80. supafishal

    “Shut Down the Town?” Who is really going to be hurt by this? Local businesses, that’s who. Boycott Wells Fargo, boycott Burger King, boycott Chevron. Keep the kids in school and local businesses thriving.

  81. dal

    There is NEVER a convenient time for a General Strike. They happen when the people have finally had enough. If enough is enough for you, you’ll participate. If you haven’t had enough of what the 1% is feeding, you’ll continue wolfing it down. My children were taught to question authority and stand up for their rights – especially when it’s not convenient. They learned that if it wasn’t going to be them standing up, then who would stand up? They learned that if now is not the right time for them to stand up, then when would they stand up. Those who will, will. Those who won’t, won’t. That’s the way of the world.

  82. TopHatConspiracy

    Government sanctioned schools are not education centers first. They are government indoctrination facilities first and forth most. Can we please stop keeping up with the pretense that only the financial system is to blame for our current state of problems. The government shares the blame. And more government is no way to fix a problem of too much government. With every law that is passed that restricts or enforces your “rights” is a law that says the one true fundamental right of any human being is that they are free and they own their body. Any violation of that right, will “justify” the force by the government on the behalf of any entity that can control the government, whether directly or indirectly. There is a false assumption that you are truly represented in a representative democracy. You are only represented as far as someone gets elected. Then the bank rollers of a candidate dictate what said candidate will do in office. Sure there may be some superficial gestures to appease growing dissent, but their is more harm being done than good. And even then that “good” if legitimate should already be covered by the most fundamental human right of freedom of oneself, so no laws should even need to made for it. Stop legitimizing government. Schools are process centers for our young to internalize the wrongful authority of government.

  83. ows4peace

    Message to Strike Coordinating Council. Please draft and propose clear communication regarding the goal of the strike. Please discuss and report on whether there are any demands, which if met, would obviate the need for a strike.

  84. Jill

    All good ideas. Start the boycotting process now. GE. Walmart BofA. Wells Fargo. Chase and citibank. Shop at local grocery stores or farmers market. Don’t buy anything more than you have to. We decide if China overtakes us economically. Stop being a consumer anymore than you have to. And help with your local occupy movement even if you have to donate a few dollars.

  85. Jill

    People, Please try to be more positive. There are many things you can do if you are scared of leaving the classroom with the students. For instance: stop the lesson. Have every student write a letter to the president and congress in solidarity to the Occupy Movement. Or. Have every student walk outside and sit down. Or. Have every student write a list of corporations that they will begin boycotting. Have a plan. You are the teacher. Love and peace.

  86. Benjamin Kerensa

    Actually she is showcasing to her students what a good human being and American does when corruption has overtaken the country.

  87. bradyoung81

    The Mayor is not a member of Congress.
    The local ordinances against camping overnight in public parks were not passed by Congress.

    But I agree that Mayor Quan needs to be recalled.

  88. bradyoung81

    The protesters were throwing rocks, bottles, paint, etc at the police. That isn’t peaceful.

  89. mattminerxvx

    It’s one day. Relax.

    Do you get this upset when a new holiday, which would keep kids out of school a day a year, is proposed?

  90. bradyoung81

    Why is Occupy attacking the City of Oakland in the first place?
    Oakland’s city government isn’t responsible for any of the things you claim to be protesting about, so why direct your ire at them? You should be marching on Sacramento or the White House or Wall Street, not Oakland.

  91. mattminerxvx

    It really sounds like you’re being dishonest to push your agenda.

    I support greensaxophone’s choice to close her class for the one day.

    This is the kind of thing you can’t teach kids sitting behind a desk – the kinds of life lessons learned on the streets of Oakland on November 2nd will be priceless.

  92. ETMM

    I’m from So Cal, by the way, and we send you all our love and support! As for the education debate, students around the world from Chile to the Philippines have been waging walkouts in protest to the attacks on public education by the 1%. I hope Oakland students do so as well.

  93. SmartyPants79

    1) I understand the fear that if we strike we could lose money for schools. But, the harsher reality is that if we do NOT struggle and strike, we are guaranteed to lose money for schools. Look what happened to Central Falls, RI. The teachers and parents there made concession after concession to the school board to make it look like the union was reasonable. But, that did not stop the school board from firing everybody in the end and closing a bunch of schools. We have to draw the line.

    2) I think this day of action needs clear demands for an effective general strike that mobilizes the most number of people. Clear demands give people a clear reason why they need to take action. Sure, the street violence should be grounds for a big fight back. But, if this movement was fighting for things that would make a real clear difference for people, it would only help mobilize larger numbers. The more people we have organized and mobilized, the more likely we are to win victories. And only on the basis of victories can the movement keep going forward. No cuts to education would be an example of a great demand that would make it clear Occupy Oakland is fighting for better schools. Hire more teachers to reduce class sizes. Tax the Wall Street and the rich to fund a massive jobs program to put millions back to work. No cuts to Social Security or Medicare. End the war in Afghanistan.

    3) The Labor Movement has a lot more authority with decisive sections of the work force than Occupy Oakland. We need to campaign to get the Labor movement on board in order to have the most successful day of action possible. Unfortunately there is not much time. Maybe Occupy Oakland could prioritize a few key unions such as the ILWU. If the ILWU shut down the ports on Nov 2, that would be HUGE. But, the ILWU has a democratic process for formally deciding to take up actions like general strikes. It might be too late to go through the formal procedures to get a vote. But, we could campaign amongst their members to see if they could organized an unofficial strike action – it’s happened before!

  94. ETMM

    Thank you to the people of Oakland for standing up and coming back in full force against the brutal fascist attacks of the police on Wednesday, October 26th. The contradictions between the people and the ruling class are sharpening and what is happening in Oakland is only a prelude to how the local governments will eventually react all across the country. Our eyes are wide open.

    The wealthy will respond with violence against non-violence because they will do anything and everything to maintain the status quo and retain their superior position in society, at the expense of the majority of working people. But as history has proven, they can and will be unseated from power when the masses awaken and rise together in unison.

    But the root of all the oppression and exploitation we are fighting against is imperialism. More specifically, US imperialism. And we need to develop our understanding of it, because it is the world system that controls the economy, politics, culture, military, and yes, even the police. It is manifested in the collusion between the corporations and the government.

    Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism in which society is ruled by a handful of wealthy big businessmen and monopoly conglomerates that control all the major industries. They are the multi-billionaires on the Forbes 400 list as well as the politicians they are partnered with. It is how these ruling elite in the wealthiest countries divide up the world amongst themselves to control resources by waging wage wars of conquest that kill millions of people.

    And by spending trillions of our tax dollars to wage these wars, we are left with reduced budgets for education and basic social services. In order to further reap super profits, they cause unemployment by outsourcing our local jobs and exploiting workers even worse in the third world.

    These imperialists are the tiny portion of the population that make up the 1%. But it is us, the 99% of working people, that produce their wealth. If we didn’t work, their businesses wouldn’t run and they wouldn’t be able to make their profits. They are only wealthy because they exploit us. Working people make the world go round and make every thing around us.

    A successful general strike in Oakland on November 2nd will be a testament to where the real power lies – in the people. The real power lies in the 99%. Oakland stand up! This is only the beginning.

  95. Stewf

    I sympathize with your concerns, but participating in a potentially history-making movement is an education. The kids can learn a lot about citizenship from one day at a rally like this.

  96. N. B. K.

    I grew up in the Bay Area, and although I now live in WA state, I made an account so I could speak my mind. This is history happening and I would pull my kids (both teens) from school in a hearbeat to participate in this if I lived in Oakland. The violence is unaccetable and a very clear message needs to be sent to those in authority. I agree that this is a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars spent to hurt and terrorize the public in the guise of “public safety” while they simultaneously shut down schools for lack funds. Ludicrous. The protests are peaceful, and remain that way unless police start violence. They are not rioting, looting, destorying things. They are peacefully assembling to express their grievances and being met with force.

  97. kissingfins

    To every protester, every person rubber bulleted, and teargassed…..go down and file a small claims suit against the city of Oakland ($7500 maximum) and collectively do a “poor man’s class action” and sue, and then file damage claims against the city (for property lost/damaged). This will deter the city from using violent tactics…because it’s hitting them in their money sack. This will send a loud message to every city in the country: don’t, or $$$ lawsuits. Small claims and damage claims…get the paper flowing.

  98. Stewf

    A fine idea. You’re likely to find the service from a credit union is superior too.

  99. kissingfins

    Amazon should not have to pay sales tax in California. They have no retail footprint, and this is a very, very bad brainwash by our feds. It’s the first step to messing up every small vendor on the internet. Just TRY and keep track of the sales tax amounts for each state, multiplied by the variations in county and individual town/city sales taxes. This is impossible. The Amazon bullshit is just to give another example of why we need a VAT on all purchases in the country (and, unless you want to pay a fed sales tax on top of a state one, wise up). Don’t crap on Amazon, when they are fighting to help every small online retailer in the country.

  100. familyfoodgardens

    Schools don’t educate they train slaves to work for the corportations, government, jobs and money.

  101. moey

    it is perfectly acceptable to join the demonstration after work/school if a walkout during business/classroom hours is impractical. this day of action is meant to be as inclusive as possible. there are many ways to participate.

  102. Twist

    sounds like a slippery slope… I can reference a ton of “it just one” quotes that end up really bad. My mother is a school teacher and I would be appalled if she left her class room, denied her students of their education, and protested against financial injustice. You are showcasing to young minds that its okay to bail out on education for “more important” issues. I must call out bull shit! Keep the teachers in the classroom along with their students. If you want to involve youth and they want to express themselves, do it on the weekend or after school. Do it with some sort of guardian around them to keep them safe (which obviously this protest isn’t safe because there has been tons of violence already). How shallow is it to risk our children to make a point. Maybe I’m taking a radical stance, but this is how I honestly feel.

  103. greensaxophone

    i’m torn – i’m a teacher and feel my students need me – but this is just one day – and the school has shut my class down for a day for a variety of reasons i never seem to understand …

  104. HarryWaisbren

    Scott Olsen is a Wisconsinite. #OWS & #WIunion solidarity! This is all the same fight.

  105. Twist

    I had to create and account just to say this is the most ill-advised plan of attack ever. Fighting against a power by removing education is absurd! You are asking children to give up education in a school district that is already in hot water. Please reevaluate this and leave the children in the school house. I think Eric’s post before states my opinions quite clearly. Don’t make this movement look ignorant and misguided.

  106. jennystouffer

    Does anyone know what time the rally will begin on Weds nov 2nd? I want to pass out flyers to as many people as possible but i need to know what time to put on the flyers! and to the previous comment: I agree that there should also be a focus on boycotting corporations. We should somehow organize a massive boycott of the most dominant corporations among the people in oakland…

  107. supafishal

    Occupy Oakland: you are using AMAZON.COM to set up your “wishlist” of supplies. Amazon refuses to pay sales tax in the state of California. Therefore, anything purchased through Amazon is directly harming legitimate California vendors who do pay tax. Rethink your tactics. This is the critical time. The movement needs to focus now and concentrate it’s efforts towards an achievable goal, in solidarity with the goals of the OWS movement. Systemic reform through public pressure must be the goal. A general strike is far less effective and sustainable than a focused boycott.

  108. ahicks

    My state pays the school for each student in attendance until at least 11:00 a.m. So, if that is true for Oakland schools as well, then to preserve tax funding, the student walkout could be suggested to happen after 11. Personally, I think seeing the process of democracy in action is more educational than any in-class learning can be.

  109. Forvalaka

    As a conservative, I support your freedom to assemble and demonstrate. I don’t always agree with what’s being said, or the ideas people have for how to fix things. But I share your frustration that the current system as it is, is not working. I question any conservative who is not outraged at the violation of your first amendment rights that were broken this week.

  110. apio

    Eric-This call is for one day and the education kids would get participating in one day of real resistance is far more than they are likely to get in one day in a class room. Lessons in solidarity and the strength of resistance and refusal to cooperate in one’s oppression don’t benefit “the 1%” (or the 20% that own 92% of the wealth in this country).

  111. Eric

    Leave the kids in school, they need the education. Oakland schools have enough problems with attendance. Also if the kids don’t go to school then Oakland Unified gets less money from the state resulting in more closed schools. You need to find some tactics that don’t harm the 99%. Your tactics benefit the 1% and harm the people you are trying to protect. Here are some suggestions.
    Boycott GE products, this includes NBC, GE appliances, and all the other GE companies. this will actually have an effect on the 1%, especially a company that has received billions of dollars in government welfare, pays no taxes, and has exported hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Recall Diane Feinstein- she claims to be for the people but lives in a $10M mansion in San Francisco and is responsible for creating millionaire water farmers who live in Beverly Hills. She has provided more corporate welfare then any other US Senator. These are actions that will make a difference and effect the 1% without punishing the 99%.

  112. Wiebelhaus

    It’s odd that all of the sudden , links shared about the Occupy anything , don’t display properly on facebook for the last few days , anyone else noticed that?

  113. Jon

    I’m from So.Cal., but have been living in the South(David Duke Cntry), and couldn’t believe this happened in CA.(WTF!!!)…I’m working with/marching/supporting, Occupy New Orleans, and just wanted to express my support for y’all.I was inspired yeasterday when I read the first accts. to post this: The FIRST AMENDMENT Doesn’t Have A CURFEW!!!!…Occupations Have Formed In Order to Formulate, and Specifically Articulate, OUR GRIEVANCES, WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT OUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE Be Respected For As Long As We THE PEOPLE Require… A concerned U.S. CITIZEN!!

  114. Michael Cole

    While you are at it, why not have every one withdraw their savings from Corporate Banks like Bank Of America and save instead at a locally owned and operated Credit Union.

    It’s Your Money, Take It Back!

    In the real world we can’t up and change bank accounts on a seconds notice, automated payments for utility payments, subscriptions and the like, you would cut off your nose to spite your face.

    What you can do is take half out now, set up your Credit Union account and start transfering your details one by one.


    It’s a lot of work to change around, The Wall Street Fat Cats think we are too lazy to take out money back, and know many of us can’t afford to start over with a new bank.

    Prove them wrong, if enough people START withdrawing their funds Wall Street will feel it where it hurts, their bottom line.

  115. Alan8

    From the First Amendment to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law … prohibiting … the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The mayor has assaulted and brutalized peaceful demonstrators with police force appropriate for a terrorist attack, violating their Constitutional rights.

    By violating these protestors’ rights, the mayor has violated MY RIGHTS! The mayor is an unamerican fascist, and should be removed from office and held accountable for her crimes.

    I will contribute to a fund to recall the mayor and charge her with the (numerous) crimes she’s committed. Let’s set an example for the other crypto-fascists in positions of power!

    Where can I send a check?

  116. Benjamin Kerensa

    Shut down the town…. Police Brutality is untolerable and so is violating peoples constitutional right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate.