GA Minutes 10.30.11

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Modified Oakland General Assembly and Committee Coordination Meeting


Arrival Time: 8:15 pm

Approximate Head Count: 80


  • Tonight’s GA will be abbreviated and will be focused upon introducing committee groups, plugging into a group, and staying tuned for announcements and actions.


  • These are general committees we have: Finance, Media, Supply, Safer Spaces, Peace Keepers, City Planning, Facilitation, Library, Free School, and more.
  • Volunteer Coordinating Committee: help committees identify what their needs are and plug in where needed.  This committee does not require a lot of meetings.
  • Gardening: we need soil, pots, etc.
  • People of Color: We are here to represent diverse voices in OO.  We have a series of sub-committees
  • Web Committee: The web site can now accept financial donations.

People broke out into groups and signed up with committees.




8:45  pm


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