GA MInutes: 10.26.11

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General Assembly


Arrival Time: 7:20 pm

Approximate Head Count: 2,000


I may have missed parts that occurred before or after the starting and ending time.  I may have missed parts due to the fact that it was crowded, and there was low lighting.



  • You need to submit your proposals online.  Three people need to make the proposal.  A phone number needs to be included on the proposal.  We will collect any written proposals now. (for review???)
  • We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains)
  • Facilitation group meets on the plaza by the trees near the steps.  This location may change to Snow Park – stay tuned.



  • OSF may be evicted.  We will protect the camp, and we ask for your support.
  • Any actions proposed here should continue whether or not the GA agrees to said actions.
  • OWS marched in support of OO today and took the streets.
  • OWS has donated $20,000 to Occupy Oakland.



General Strike: We propose that people walk out of schools and jobs, and converge downtown to shut down the city on November 2, 2011.  We would have our first meeting tomorrow here at the plaza at 5pm.

  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • What about Kaiser Hospital? – We agree that this is a concern.
    • Will Occupy Berkeley be invited? – Yes.
    • Have labor unions been contacted? – OO is connected with them already.
    • Does this proposal mean that we are not going to retake the plaza? – We are addressing only one proposal at a time.  This proposal doesn’t cancel out any other proposal.
    • Pros
      • We need to strike while the iron is hot.
      • We need to continue momentum.
      • This is urgent – we can do this.  We support it.
      • Cons
        • We need a mission statement.
        • We need more time to plan this, maybe 2 weeks instead of one.
        • We don’t want to get in the way of other actions, such as the student action, Occupy Berkeley’s actions, or shutting down colleges/regents of Ca.
        • This will not hurt corporate America and may hurt small businesses.
        • We need to be careful about messaging.  What is the message?  Is this a strike or a rally?  Does this include a non-violent stance?
        • We need clear corporate targets.
        • Process: People got into small groups of 20 and discussed the issue.  After the above comments and questions were shared, people got into small groups again to vote amongst themselves.  Reps from each group tallied votes and reported votes to the facilitators and their assistants.



96% in favor

YES: 1,484

NO: 36






10:00  pm


One Response to “GA MInutes: 10.26.11”

  1. zuchinno

    If a general strike is to work, we need the support of the greater Oakland community. I think we need to successfully convey these things to inactive members of the 99% the week leading up to the 2nd in order for them to become informed and engaged:

    1. Who we are. Are we like them, as individuals?
    2. Who are the perpetrators of our plight? They will want names and entities.
    3. What we want. Among a sea of interests, they want a primary goal & focal point.
    4. What we have to gain, not just our current losses.
    5. That it is illegal for bosses to fire or bully workers for exercising their first amendment rights, including protesting.

    This week is a critical time to either gain momentum and engage the public, or to let it fizzle out.