GA Minutes 10.21.11

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General Assembly


Arrival: 7:37 (I may have missed some parts that occurred earlier)


Terms: FORUM is an open discussion centered around a topic that is affecting the group.  COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS are updates and reminders by committee reps.  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS are open announcements under unspecified topics.  ACTION ANNOUNCEMENTS are new to this evening meeting; I am not sure of what they are.  PROPOSALS are items that are voted upon.  ???? denotes sections that were unclear or confusing to transcribe.  Italicized sections are my thoughts.  All bullet points are essential points made by speakers.


INTRODUCTION: This is how consensus works.  This is how the proposal process works (explains and gives examples).

  • What is the difference between voting and consensus?
  • Consensus is about collective wisdom.  If there is one person that disagrees, they need to make their ideas known.
  • In New York, the process is different.  It includes everyone, including dissenting voices.

TOPIC: “Violence in the camp” – Shea’s open letter (paraphrased)

  • This isn’t utopia.  Here is a new perspective: we are trying to undo oppression here.  We’ve been experiencing violence and verbal attacks in the form of racism, sexism, etc..   We need to communicate, check ourselves, and check each other.  We can’t oppression outside if we don’t end it inside the camp.  Show respect, show compassion.

ACTION: The March

-Let’s make the camp clean and organized for the public tomorrow morning.

-11:00 am Rally: speakers (Teamsters, ILWU, IWW, OEA) bands in attendance

-Flyers will be available.  Feel free to make your own, interface with the public.

-Route: Go down 14th, Harrison, on to Snow Park.  Continue up around lake to Farmer’s Market.  Come around the other side of the lake, and return to the camp by 2:30-3:00 pm.  Brass Liberation will march with us in the parade.

-When everyone returns, there will be performances and a lecture/discussion about police brutality.  Ending the evening will be a presentation of a play, followed by a DJ.

-This is a non-permitted march.  Be prepared, but be aware that every other non-permitted march has been fine.

FORUM: New letter received today: Any thoughts?

“You do not have permission to lodge overnight in Frank Ogawa Plaza.  You must remove all tents, sleeping bags, tarps, cooking facilities and equipment and any other lodging material from the Plaza immediately.  Your continued use of the Plaza for overnight lodging will subject you to arrest.” – City letter dated 10/21/11

  • Stay strong! We can do this.
  • There needs to be a plan for the march – we are leaving ourselves open.
  • We need to not be afraid of arrest.
  • Let’s stay strong and keep going on.
  • We’re all equal.  We are all struggling.  Let’s love each other.
  • I’m tired of getting letters!  We’re right here – come out and talk to us.
  • We have a responsibility to this camp, and a responsibility to communicate to combat the lies being told about OO (rats, fires, hygiene, etc).  We need to be here for the long haul.
  • I love this camp and I want to see this going.
  • I’ll defend the camp, but I’m not going to put myself in harm’s way.  I’ve been to prison and I’ve felt the nightsticks, but I won’t throw a brick at a cop just to prove something.
  • A raid is possible, but the police have to mobilize.  Expect intimidation.  There is a split between the police, mayor, and city council.  We will see and feel more pressure, and we need to be prepared – but don’t panic.
  • Everyone wants to fight and protest, but we need to teach the babies because they are the future.
  • Everyone needs to remain calm and have faith and hope.  We all knew what the obstacles were, but we need to just let it flow.



  • Training with medic tent.
  • Gardening: We need donations: planter boxes, mails, starter plants, etc.
  • Campers: Come to the meeting each day.  We are having a kitchen work party, so please come!  We encourage more people to get involved with security.
  • Security: Meet at the flagpole tonight for the briefing at 10pm.  This is what you will do in case of police presence (gives instructions)



  • None


  • None


  1. Finance Committee: Interim Fiscal Sponsorship – We would receive donations from people who want to give to the movement through checks and internet donations.  Longhaul wants to sponsor us as an interim sponsor . We need to choose people to monitor, collect OO funds.  Supply, Food, Medical, Medical, Communications would volunteer to take on these duties.  There are restrictions on how the money can be spent (no beer).


  • Clarifying Question: Could this money be used for bail?
  • Answer: No.  It is not a part of Longhaul’s mission.
  • CQ: Is there a limit to the members ?  Does it come back to GA?
  • A: The GA is going to appoint this committee.
  • CQ: Would the money come from Trader Joes or other corporations?
  • A: When it’s time to talk about allocations, we will.
  • CQ: Who is Longhaul?  What is their mission statement?  Why do we need their sponsorship?
  • A: It’s a nonprofit organization.  We cannot have a bank account now, so we need a fiscal sponsor.  Their mission is to provide food and medical supplies to disadvantaged members of the community.
  • CQ: Would representatives do this?
  • A: Committees would select people to serve and the GA would appoint them.
  • CQ: What rights are the committee members going to have to make decisions?  Are there guidelines or bylaws for making decisions involving finances?
  • A: The goal is to be 100% transparent.  We would use this for porta potties, ice, and propane.
  • CQ: What is fiscal sponsorship?
  • A: They open an account with a bank under their name and set money aside for us.
  • CQ: Isn’t Longhaul associated with terrorists and communists?
  • A: I don’t know.  They are currently suing the FBI.
  • Direct Response: I am the president of the Longhaul.  We are not associated with communists nor are we on a watchlist to our knowledge.
  • CQ: Could LH get sued for things that happen here?
  • A: I am attorney, and I can do some research about that.
  • CQ: Aren’t you doing the same thing you are fighting against?
  • A: We all need to eat and we all need to shit.  We are going to make this our process.  We are feeding and housing people who are being ignored by society.
  • Con: 501 c3’s are a slippery slope.  Bank accounts are complicated.
  • Pro: we need to get something set up right away.
  • Con: I am against this – banks are out to get people.
  • Response: We will not be putting it into a bank.
  • Con: I am against this.  I think it leaves OO out to being used by someone.
  • Pro: This is a good organization and we’ve been working for the public for years and we are a part of this occupation.


  • The Bay Area Free Clinic: here to give free HIV testing.
  • Vocal stylings (sings “What’s Goin’ On”)
  • I remember my cousin, Oscar Grant.
  • Occupy Berkeley needs some help – donate supplies.
  • Tomorrow at 5pm, Berkeley Copwatch will offer some training in knowing your rights.
  • Text blast servicing has been set up.  Bayaction 41411.
  • Join the working group to respond to the city.
  • Lost: Student’s backpack – email
  • Let the police take those things (from the camp).  You can sue them later on.
  • If you need to protect yourself from arrest, be smart, talk to an affinity group, and stay connected, rather than getting directly involved.
  • Tools are now in the supply tent – borrow and return when you need them.
  • There will be a faculty strike on Nov. 17th, at 6am, so we invite you to join us at Cal State East Bay in Hayward.  The students will be occupying the campus in solidarity.
  • Sunday: Black Panther potluck at Bobby Hutton Park, on Sunday at 2.
  • Community Outreach from Sac.: we want to strengthen solidarity and lend support.


Approximately 9:40 pm


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