Rally for Alan Blueford (and OPD detaining two young Black men) 7/31/2012 Photos+Videos

IRONICALLY not long after the Alan Blueford rally, a young Black man that was killed by a police man, Oakland Police officers detained two young men that were walking down the street. The two didn’t show any signs of suspicion or any threat whatsoever; but for some reason OPD had to pull out their guns and terrorized the two young men. Here is a quote from a witness (BellaEiko), who also shot the video of this incident. “I was just downtown Oakland at Awaken Cafe on like 15th & Broadway. I’m sitting … Continued


MUST SEE VIDEO: Don’t Talk to Cops

….as a reminder to myself, and to any activist: “An law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.” 37144


March to the Lakeview School Sit-In 6/23/2012 Photos+Video

Over 300 people participated on the march to the Lakeview School Sit-In on Saturday June 23, 2012. Support Lakeview School:   Sign the petition: Donate food or supplies: your contributions are always welcome, bring them down to Lakeview! Sign-up to recieve emergency text blasts text “Lakeviewsitin” to 41411 WEB: EMAIL: Visit: The Lakeview Elementary Sit-in is located 746 Grand Avenue in Oakland – directly across the street from the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market and kitty corner from the Grand Lake Theater.   34580


Occupy the Capitol M 5 video (4:21)

Here’s a link to a video “Occupy the Capitol M 5 video” published on : In solidarity, Jonathan   23287