Rally & Action for Accussed Wikileaker Bradley Manning – 8/16/2012 Photos+Videos

Similar actions were taken place in LA, Portland. In Oakland: “just before time was up, it was decided that Scott should leave the building voluntarily to “have someone on the outside.” The six others remained, and at approximately 9:00 PM were all arrested.” ~JPMassar https://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/17/1121112/-Scott-Olsen-the-Iraq-Vets-Against-the-War-Stage-Sit-in-For-Bradley-Manning-At-Obama-Office-in-Oak   On RussiaToday:  http://rt.com/usa/news/obama-manning-campaign-offices-975/   The letter to President Obama “We are the people of Bradley Manning! We want freedom for Bradley Manning! We are the people” “Free Bradly Manning! Free Bradly Manning! Free Bradly Manning! Free Bradly Manning! …”   Scott Olsen speaking after leaving the building. … Continued


Abandoned library now its reclaimed: Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez 8/13/2012 Photos/Videos

Biblioteca abandona ha sido tomada por la communidad, y esta naciendo de nuevo y esperando to presencia. Ven a leer y aprender! Si quieres donar libros, especialmente en espanol, traelos y comparte! La direccion: Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez – 1449 Miller Ave, Oakland CA More about this reclaimed library: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/08/13/18719450.php UPDATE 8/14/2012 2:20 am via FaceBook: “Khalid Shakur: 50 to 60 cops raided the library!!! it was pathetic an insulting since there were little girls selling their sex due to forced manipulation and they respond with overwhelming numbers for free books??!!! -No one (was … Continued


“Rising From Tahrir” Egypt Revolution Reading & Photo Exhibit!

Come learn about the uprising that inspired others around the world including Occupy: the Egyptian Revolution. We will be closing a photo exhibit on the ongoing Revolution, called “Stand Your Ground… The Sun is Rising” with a book reading from Egyptian author Hoda Rashad! Come JUNE 11 to hear more about the ongoing Revolution, ask questions, and hear excerpts from Hoda Rashad’s book, “Rising From Tahrir” about the spring 2011 uprising. JUNE 11 @ 8pm-10pm Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery 362 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94610 32421


RCP? Really?

The last couple of GA’s I have been to there has been an increase in RCP visibility.  I find this disturbing for a couple of reasons. Yes I will give you a bulleted list because bullets are “revolutionary”. R.C.P.-Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.  I am not sure why they insist on having the word “revolutionary” in their acronym.  I suppose there must have been a non-revolutionary Communist Party at one point that was only concerned with having bake sales and organizing a bowling league. Maoist-The RCP is stated to be a Maoist organization.  If … Continued


Urban Exhibition: Inside Out | Occupy Oakland

We just launched our Kickstarter campaign, please share! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/insideoutoccupy/inside-out-occupy-oakland The world has its eyes on Oakland as the Occupy movement dramatically unfolds. Thousands of people with different backgrounds and ambitions are gathering to demand change. Their diversity and their stories are the strength of Occupy. INSIDE OUT Inside Out is a global art project that uses large scale portraits to transform messages of identity into powerful urban exhibitions.The Inside Out Project is a creation of the artist JR, recipient of the 2011 TED Prize (watch JR’s TED talk). You can … Continued


K.Ruby Blume: Interview with Artist and Founder of The Institute of Urban Homesteading by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com

K.Ruby Blume: Interview with Artist and Founder of The Institute of Urban Homesteading by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com http://openmythsource.com/2012/01/29/k-ruby-blume/ “To me, gross national product is truly a myth. It happens only at a severe cost to the planet. This is a pyramid scheme of the worst kind. The loser at the end of the run is the people and the environment. We need new stories that tell of the richness that comes through putting energy and care back into a system and how that ultimately creates the kind of profit that … Continued


Research Working Group Meeting

All are welcome to the… RESEARCH WORKING GROUP MEETING _____DATE: Sunday, January 8th _____TIME: 3:00-4:00pm _____LOCATION: Farley’s East, 33 Grand Ave (bet. Broadway and Webster), Oakland, 94612. Two blocks north of the 19th St. BART. _____MORE INFO: Contact Yvonne at yvonnegrapher at gmail.com or Darwin at darwinbondgraham at gmail.com. GOALS: 1) To build a research community in Oakland and to share skills 2) To support Occupy Oakland’s upcoming actions, such as the building occupation on 1/28 3) To provide research for long-term strategy and action, such as targeted research about … Continued


Indefinite detention for U.S. citizens – We need to act now – this threatens us all.

This is of the up most important – Congress is trying to put though a bill that will allow government, and our military, to detain U.S. citizens INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRAIL.  Please at the least spread this around – sign the petition, call congress and the senate. https://secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3897&s_subsrc=SEM_Google_search-indefinite-detention_Indefinite-detention_indefinite%20detention%20obama_p_9302629342 And if you can get to Occupy Oakland, please make banners & boards speaking out against this, demanding that we remain a democracy.  This new bill, if it goes through and isn’t veto’d, threatens us all, it’s so broad, any one of us … Continued


circle of solidarity

Howdy. First post here. Id like to propose a March to reach out to the greater Oakland community. I propose a full circle of people around 3 mile lake merritt in the heart of the city. It could allow the movement to stretch out so to speak, and demonstrate our connection to the oakland, the broader community, all ows camps, and the world. It could be combined with a day of speakers, music, events, etc., and culminate with a human circle around lake Merritt. Lets show Oakland and the world … Continued