Oakland: Two people killed in shooting early Saturday morning

OAKLAND — A man and a woman were pronounced dead after a double shooting in East Oakland, police said. Residents called police to report gunfire just after 4 a.m. near Apricot and Blenheim streets, just off San Leandro Street, police said. No one else was injured. Both victims, who were not identified, were found in the street and pronounced dead at the scene. Police were still trying to identify both people and determine what their relationship was. There was no suspect information available Saturday morning. The shootings mark the 14th … Continued


Time Magazine Selects Mass Murderer As Person Of The Year 2012

Time Magazine has selected a mass murderer as Person of the Year for 2012: Drone strikes approved by corporate fascist puppet president Barack Obama kill 49 innocents for every 1 “suspected terrorist” they hit. When drones fly children die, and the American Sheeple who do nothing to stop it are as guilty of murder as their “elected” leaders. )( Tags: drone strikes, murder, genocide, drones, false flag terrorism, guns, gun control, newtown, hypocrisy, obama, bushbama, odrona, war profiteering, corporate fascism, military industrial complex, kleptocracy, time magazine, person of the year, … Continued


Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on 5/15/12 – Photos

Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on Tuesday May 15, 2012 – Photos “Justice for Alan!” and for all those murdered by the killer cops at the Oakland Police Department. As one of the Alan’s relatives said, people in the community are afraid to speak up because they fear what the Police would do. Deeply sad to know that the ones that are there to serve us and protect us, and paid by our taxes, are the ones inflicting pain and loss of human life in the … Continued