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Re-Imagine the General Assembly Survey

GA Hand RaisingIn preparation for re-imagining the General Assembly, we’d like to hear your thoughts about the GA.  Please take a couple minutes and tell us what you think in our survey:



Much feedback has been received about the Occupy Oakland General Assembly over the months. Some people find that the General Assembly works well as an effective decision-making process and as a community forum. Others feel that it is not serving the needs of everyone who may want to participate. We acknowledge that some have felt injured by the process; and also that others say it is not well-structured for organizing political action. We would like to bring the community together to see how best to design our GA.

These questions reflect feedback the Facilitation Committee has received about the GA over the months. Your answers will help us design the gatherings for further discussion and possible changes to the GA, beginning with the first gathering in mid-June. You don’t need to answer all the questions, and you can make additional comments throughout.


Justice Begins with Seeds Conference – Interview with Presenter Katherine Zavala , IDEX. Presented by the May 18 – 19, 2012, SF. By Willi Paul, Magazine.

Justice Begins with Seeds Conference – Interview with Presenter Katherine Zavala , IDEX.

Presented by the May 18 – 19, 2012, SF.

By Willi Paul, Magazine.

The purpose of the upcoming Justice Begins with Seeds conference is to grow the food sovereignty movement by advancing learning and building coalitions between the GMO counter-movement in the US, and other movements thriving to develop sustainable food systems, alleviate climate change through soil practices, defend the rights of indigenous communities, reduce social inequalities and encourage citizen democracy against corporatocracy.




After one year fighting, debating, accumulating forces and organization, 15M Movement in all the State of Spain will organize marches and debates spaces to do the point of situation and to launch another time the movement and the fight. In Córdoba (Andalucía, south of Spanish State) too is moving this process – in the days that, one year ago, thousand peoples took the street and camped in central places of the cities all over the State – to remember, to think, to reorganize and to go forward a new time of fight against a system that make to us every day poorer, every days more exploited.


From 12th to 15th of May the 15M Córdoba Movement will organize a Forum “Building Majorities” where will stay neighborhood’s general assemblies, work’s groups, committees and all of the rest of organizations (alternatives trade-unions and political organizations) that went forward the fight in this year.   


A mobilization and debate moment that is building, in Córdoba like in all the State, in a very tense situation for the repressive big wave that is hitting comrades that in this year is working politically for the fight in the movement: creation a black list of activists, formal complaints with a fine till 6 thousand euros, changes in the penal legislation to favor preventive detentions and more. All those things to silence the voice of oppressed and of who fight every day. All this things didn’t stop and will not stop our activities, our assemblies, our fights.


15M Córdoba Assembly – North Area


Here you have the link to the manifest of 15M Córdoba Movement (Spanish):


University could move to clear activists off farm land in California

Free Speech Radio News

Thu, 05/10/2012 – 14:30

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On a piece of land just north of Berkeley, California, dozens of people calling themselves Occupy the Farm have been tilling the earth, planting seedlings, and caring for chickens. The action started on Earth Day last month. The University of California owns the land, known as the Gill Tract, and filed a lawsuit against the activists, saying the activities are illegal.The university uses part of the tract several months each year for crop research and plans to sell an adjacent parcel for commercial uses. But activists vow to prevent the university from developing the land they have occupied. FSRN’s Judith Scherr has the story.


Occupy the Farm Events May 12 – 13 & May 10 Update

Albany, CA.  May 10, 2012 at approximately noon, the UCPD closed off the last remaining pedestrian access to the Gill Tract by chaining and locking the gate at San Pablo and Marin Avenues.  For the past 24 hours, that gate had remained open, and despite a heavy police presence people had been able to enter and exit freely through it.

This represents the latest in a series of measures taken by the UC Administration to force the Farmers off of this piece of public farmland.  To date, the UCPD has cut off all water to the Gill Tract, incapacitated the fire hydrant on the land, placed concrete barriers around the land preventing vehicular access, and locked all entrances shut.  Farmers note that these actions threaten more than just their plants: that in this dry, windy weather, which poses a high fire-risk, there are no working fire hydrants on the land, and significantly restricted access points for firefighters and exits for people on the land.

Farmers are upset that the UC Administration is preventing scientists from carrying out their research on the Gill Tract.  For the second day, UC Berkeley Professor Miguel Altieri has come to the Gill Tract to attempt to plant his crops. Whereas the Gill Tract Farmers Collective has directly assisted Altieri with his planting effort, the UCPD has physically prevented him from planting his dry-farmed tomato crop, saying he has no “authorization” to do his research.  Professor Altieri says that he is “disappointed that the University has missed this opportunity to acknowledge that a coexistence of researchers and occupiers is possible, and that they have blocked access to my experimental plot.”

Supporters are encouraged to bring food, drinking water, large water containers such as gallon jugs, duct tape, and farming supplies to pass to people inside the fence.  Supporters are also being encouraged to bring camping supplies, to stay overnight, and help maintain a permanent presence outside the fence to defend and supply the farmers inside.
The Gill Tract Farm’s 3 Week Anniversary Party!

This weekend is a critical moment. Come ready to work and envision. Support the Gill Tract against UC police threats and 14 new lawsuits

**Sat 5pm: Visioning Meeting for the Future of the Farm** (co-sponsored by Phat Beets, Planting Justice, Albany Farm Alliance)

Sun 1-3pm: Colorful Mamas of the 99% – Mothers’ Day Brunch and Children’s March

All Weekend: Live Music, Farm Work, Soil Remediation, Workshops, Kids Fun



  • 11-1pm Bio Remediation (Ralph)
  • 1-3pm Bike Workshop (Jose and Others)
  • 1pm Historical Lessons: The South Central Farm in LA (Alex Tarr and Meleiza Figueroa)
  • 2pm Food Crisis and the Role of Food Movements (Annie Shattuck and Eric Holt-Giménez)
  • 5pm Visioning Meeting For the Future of the Farm (co-sponsored by Phat Beets, Planting Justice, Albany Farm Alliance)
  • 3pm Setting up a CSA (Matt McCue, Shooting Star CSA)
  • 4pm First Aid 101 for the Farm (Occupy Medics)
  • 8:30pm Movie Showing


  • 1-3pm Protest Tactics for Teens to Adults (Anka)
  • Sun 1-3pm: Colorful Mamas of the 99% – Mothers’ Day Brunch and Children’s March
  • 3-5pm Nuts and Bolts of Community Organizing (Boomer)
  • 7:30pm Photo Exhibit of Farm Photographs

#occupythefarm #takebackthetract #otf


Stop using Facebook and Twitter, use to communicate

I support the Occupy wallstreet movement, but have a huge problem with people ranting and not offering up a solution. I have a solution. What is so ironic is that you ask people to follow you on Facebook and twitter. These two social media platforms represent the very thing that you are against. Does Facebook share its profits with its users, no! And yet by using these platforms you are supporting the very thing that youu stand against. Facebook does offer you a free profile page, but beyond that it exploits its users, without its users, what is the product that facebook sells. Its the users time spent on Facebook that is turned into revenue. And does facebook give back to their user’s, hardly.
So whats my solution. A non profit social network that gives its profits back to its users and public education (future users). does just that, empowering it’s users and givening it’s profits to public education. If everyone in the Occupy wallstreet movement started using instead of Facebook to communicate, the movement would flourish. is about to launch our iphone App, and our user empowered advertising program will follow shortly thereafter. For further information about or to schedule a speaking engagnement or meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me!

John Garrett
Director of Public Engagements


OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos

OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos


Want to speak with Vice Chancellor Dan Mogoluf directly? Call his personal cell phone at (510) 919-6954 and tell him that you support the Occupiers and that…

Farmland is for farming, not developers!

Occupy the Farm on Facebook:


Occupy the Farm – all night May 9-10

Mobilize tonight, May 9th-10th, for an entire night of farming, potluck, and to maintain and preserve open access to the land.

March from North Berkeley BART at 6:30 PM. (See map below) We will be farming all night long, continuing the water march to make sure that our food crops grow healthy and strong!

Come in shifts or stay the whole night. Sleep in a tent on the tract or outside of the gates.

Poncho Ramos will help facilitate a midnight meditation on the agricultural land at midnight.

Farmland is for farming. Public land is for public use.

Click Image for directions to the Farm: San Pablo Avenue and Marin, in Albany, CA

Click image for Farm directions: San Pablo Avenue and Marin, in Albany, CA


Rally at OPD against the murder of Alan Buford


This Friday, May 11th, there will be an action in front of the OPD Station at 7th and Broadway to protest and bring light to the murder of 18 year old Alan Buford this past weekend. It will begin at 5pm and will include such speakers as Jack Bryson from Occupy Oakland amongst others.Y



*Meet at North Berkeley BART (Acton and Delaware St.) at 6 PM TONIGHT, 5/9. We will march to the Gill Tract Farm!*
At 6:30 AM this morning, UC Police arrived at the Gill Tract Farm in Albany. They set up cement barricades to block entrances to the land, announced that ‘chemical agents’ would be used against those who interfered, and as of now are still mobilized around the farm with riot gear and zip ties. No arrests have been made.
If you haven’t yet had a chance to experience the farm – or if you’ve been there since the occupation began – tonight is the night for us to mobilize in support of this beautiful project. Meet at North Berkeley BART at 6:00 PM (Acton and Delaware St.) and we will march to the Gill Tract Farm to support our comrades, the land and food sovereignty. Bring banners, signs, warm clothes, tents and sleeping gear (if you’d like to stay overnight)!
The UCPD has been issuing daily warnings to occupiers since the occupation began. Today, they escalated these warnings by barricading entrances to the farm, where they remain mobilized. Let’s show UC administrators and UCPD that we will not be intimidated. FARMLAND IS FOR FARMING!
On Earth Day, April 22, hundreds of urban farming advocates – including community members, students and occupiers – reclaimed the five-acre plot known as Gill Tract, planting rows of vegetables, establishing a youth garden and building community in a sustainable and peaceful way.
The land represents one of the only agricultural spaces with ‘class-one’ soil left in the East Bay. UC Berkeley administrators would prefer to develop the plot, ignoring the work and voices of community members for at least the last decade. In 2000, the Bay Area Coalition for Urban Agriculture presented a proposal to the university for the creation of the ‘world’s first university center on sustainable urban agriculture and food systems.’ It was ignored, as was a later one presented in 2005 by Urban Roots to create the Village Creek Farm and Gardens, ‘a farm that would provide Bay Area students from preschool to community college and university with an educational resource par excellence.’
Urban Agriculture:
From UCB Professors Miguel A. Altieri (Agroecology) and Claudia J. Carr (Environmental Science):
“The rapid urbanization that is taking place in the Bay Area goes hand in hand with a rapid increase in urban poverty and food insecurity, a situation aggravated by the economic crisis affecting California. Half a million people are at risk of hunger every month. About 38 percent of them are children…Many low-income urban residents in the Bay Area reside in ‘food deserts,’ i.e. in areas having limited access to affordable and nutritious food, particularly in lower income neighborhoods and communities.
The benefits of urban agriculture go beyond producing food: they extend to the promotion of local economic development, poverty alleviation and social inclusion of the poor — and of women, in particular. Urban agriculture also contributes to the urban ecosystem by greening the city, productively reusing urban wastes, conserving pollinators and wildlife, and saving energy involved in the transport of food (in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions!).”
From ‘Occupy the Farm’:
“We are reclaiming this land to grow healthy food to meet the needs of local communities. We envision a future of food sovereignty, in which our East Bay communities make use of available land – occupying it where necessary – for sustainable agriculture to meet local needs. This particular plot of land is very special:
– These are the last acres of Class One soil left in the urbanized East Bay. Ninety percent of the original land has been paved over and developed, irreverisibly contaminating the land.
– Students, professors, and community have fought for decades to save this amazing land from development and use it for sustainable agriculture.
– UCB capital projects currently administors this land and has slated it for rezoning and redevelopment in 2013 (i.e. supermarkets, parking lots, and apartments).
– The University uses the land to research corn genetics. This research can be conducted anywhere as opposed to this unique site.”