Bayer Demonstration May 16 – Ban the Pesticides – Save the Bees!

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Join the protest against Bayer on Wednesday, May 16th, from 4 to 6 pm.

Wear bee garb, dress like bees, bring your smokers and stingers….

We are demanding the immediate ban of Clothianidin, the pesticide responsible for massive bee die-offs worldwide, which is produced by Bayer.   This pesticide has precipitated Colony Collapse Disorder, threatening the livelihood of both large and small farmers as well as beekeepers—indeed the ecological balance of the planet.   Many vegetables and fruits and other crops depend upon bees for pollination.  The variety and nutritional value of our whole food system is threatened by the bee die-off.

Pursuing profits at risk of destroying the food supply, Bayer has successfully influenced public policy and stopped the EPA from banning this toxic pesticide, which is outlawed in several European countries.  Bayer is in our own backyard and we need to call attention to their role in colony collapse disorder.

On Wednesday, May 16, we are marching from San Pablo Park (Ward & Mabel) to Bayer (Greyson and 7th), about a mile, with a potential visit to the Farm at Gill Tract, San Pablo and Marin.

Join us!


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