University could move to clear activists off farm land in California

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Thu, 05/10/2012 – 14:30

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On a piece of land just north of Berkeley, California, dozens of people calling themselves Occupy the Farm have been tilling the earth, planting seedlings, and caring for chickens. The action started on Earth Day last month. The University of California owns the land, known as the Gill Tract, and filed a lawsuit against the activists, saying the activities are illegal.The university uses part of the tract several months each year for crop research and plans to sell an adjacent parcel for commercial uses. But activists vow to prevent the university from developing the land they have occupied. FSRN’s Judith Scherr has the story.


One Response to “University could move to clear activists off farm land in California”

  1. baydialectic

    This blurb is really confusing. The fact that activists seek to prevent UC development on the land they occupy doesn’t contradict, or even distinctly address, the information contained in the preceding sentence, but the “but” that introduces this information gives the impression that it does.

    If this imprecision didn’t affect the meaning I wouldn’t bother to point it out.