Parent category for Occupy Oakland assemblies other than the General Assembly.

Strike Debt Proposal for O25

Occupy Oakland participants in Strike Debt Bay Area are requesting official recognition of the Occupy Oakland Strike Debt committee. The goal of the committee is to educate and mobilize around the issue of debt.  The committee will work with Strike Debt Bay Area and the national Strike Debt movement to develop and share information about the role of debt in 21st century capitalism.  We will help organize collective resistance to debt, which may include forming debtors’ unions, supporting free check cashing services, negotiating debt reductions with institutions, promoting alternative economies, … Continued


May Day Events: Highlights & Links

International Worker’s Day and Immigrants’ Rights Day. Occupy Los Angeles has called for a General Strike on May 1st, an action which Occupy Oakland has endorsed. More information here. Tentative schedule here. Posters and flyers here and here. Synposis: 6AM: Support the Golden Gate bridge workers via pickets and rallies (appears that the Occupy the Bridge action called off as of 4-30-12 but buses will still leave from 19th & Telegraph to occupy the Golden Gate Bridge.)  More info here and here. 9AM – NOON: 3-4 morning actions, Some events … Continued


GA Clearinghouse – Wednesday 4/25, 6pm

** In case of serious rain the clearing house will be across the street from Oscar Grant Plaza indoors at : Unite Here- Hotel Employees and Restaurant Suite 208, 1440 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 It might get a little tight, but it will be dry. See you there. ** Many Occupy Oakland committees as well as many other groups in the Bay are in the midst of organizing actions and events for this spring and summer that we are all excited about. We have been looking forward to sharing information … Continued


General Assembly Has New Location – Sundays at 19th and Telegraph at 2:00 PM – Wednesdays at 14th and Broadway at 6:00 PM

Please note: At this time, it is only Sunday GAs that have been moved to 19th and Telegraph. Wednesday GAs will remain at the Plaza (at 6:00 PM) to maintain Occupy Oakland’s visibility there. GA Relocates Sunday Meetings After District Attorney Attempts to Prevent Arrested Occupiers from Attending On Sunday, January 29th, the day after Occupy Oakland attempted to take a vacant, publicly-owned building for use as a social center and endured vicious police repression, the General Assembly voted to move future Sunday General Assemblies from Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza … Continued