GA Clearinghouse – Wednesday 4/25, 6pm

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In case of serious rain the clearing house will be across the street from Oscar Grant Plaza indoors at :
Unite Here- Hotel Employees and Restaurant
Suite 208, 1440 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
It might get a little tight, but it will be dry. See you there.
Many Occupy Oakland committees as well as many other groups in the Bay are in the midst of organizing actions and events for this spring and summer that we are all excited about. We have been looking forward to sharing information and getting feedback from one another and believe that the General Assembly is the proper space / time to have this discussion.
This is why we will have an organized process for sharing actions/events on Wednesday April 25nd at 6pm at the Occupy Oakland GA at Oscar Grant plaza (14th and Broadway).
  1. Support coordination & communication for Spring/Summer Actions and Events and increase capacity for those projects.
  2. Encourage action feedback and coordinating calendaring of events
  3. Re-vitalize the GA’s process for this spring. The hope is to get a lot of people there, because this is a new approach.
General format:
  • Groups present what they are working on, folks can give feedback, and individuals hear about lots of actions and can find ways to hook up them.
  • Coordinating breakout discussions for groups working on similar themes
  • It will NOT be a decision-making space. No large group decisions made that day.
  • We see this as an experiment and if it works then hope make it happen periodically
CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS AND CONTENT:The structure we have come up with so far is that the day will begin with multiple groups giving 5 minute presentations about the current work they are doing followed by some time for questions.
Please send us a description of your work. It does not have to be anything formal, just a few words to give us the gist of your project, so we can facilitate scheduling of the day’s events.
We are asking for your input on how this assembly can benefit the work you are doing. Some questions we would like to ask include: Would you be interested in being a part of a facilitated discussion with other groups who work on projects that fall within a theme you associate your work with?  (For example, if you do work against police brutality, would want to be a part of a breakout centered around that idea). If so, what are some themes you think your work falls under and how does the work you are currently doing fit under these themes?  Do you know any other groups that share similar interests who you would like to coordinate with?Please send your projects to actionclearinghouse@gmail.comby Sunday April 22nd.  All project need to be represented by at least 3 people. Hopefully we can find room in the day to accommodate all proposals but unfortunately we can’t guarantee there will be time in the day for everything. We promise to do our best.Clearing house group


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