The World Premiere of ‘Tasha’


March 18, 2023 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Z Below Theater
470 Florida St.
San Francisco

‘Tasha is a one woman show exploring the in-custody murder of Natasha McKenna at the hands of law enforcement in Farifax, Virginia in 2015. The play, written by artist and activist Cat Brooks, directed by Oakland’s Poet Laureate Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, and performed by acclaimed actor Jeunée Simon, explores her life and murder from the point of view of several characters, including Natasha herself. “Natasha started talking so loudly I had to get up and write what she was saying,” Brooks said of the script’s genesis in 2015.

Trigger warning: This show contains graphic images and language depicting the murder of a young Black woman at the hands of police. A non-shooting, replica firearm will be used onstage and will be pointed at the audience. It is a non-working, prop gun. It will be accompanied by the sounds of gunshots and screaming.

Thanks to the support of Anti Police-Terror Project and Mental Health First Oakland, Healing Services by Nekia Wright and Hadiza Mohammed are available for select performances. Healers will be in the lobby during the performance and in the theatre after the show to support anyone who feels the need for healing after experiencing the images and themes explored in this show.

The healers are available to talk to anyone about feelings that come up and help manage emotions to help you process this experience so you can go back out into the world.


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