The Normalizing Gaze: Surveillance from Drones to Phones


September 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

downloadDigital Sanctuary Cities: Surveillance, Immigration, and Protecting Black Dissent

Featuring Jacinta González, Carin Kuoni, and Mizue Aizeki, moderated by Albert Fox Cahn

While the borders of the US are often conceived as clear lines, in reality they manifest as a labyrinth of agencies, individuals, and surveillance technologies. Border surveillance encompasses numerous technologies: US Customs and Border Protection drones can observe the majority of American homes, flying anywhere within 100 miles of a land border or coast; immigrants awaiting court dates are forced to wear electronic GPS shackles; conceits for a physical border wall increasingly give way to plans for an invisible wall of surveillance; and more. The speakers in this conversation will explain the variety of individual surveillance technologies used by Department of Homeland Security agencies, and how these technologies directly impact immigrant and BIPOC communities, as well as everyone living within the US.


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