The First Ban Ring Coalition Campaign meeting


March 23, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
(813) 707-3584

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For years, anti-surveillance, civil rights, and racial justice groups have been sounding the alarm about the dangers posed by Amazon Ring-police partnerships. Collectively, we’ve successfully petitioned members of Congress to investigate these surveillance partnerships, garnered widespread media attention, and published studies exposing the harms. Despite all the negative attention and backlash, over 2,000 police departments continue to partner with Amazon Ring to surveil communities.

In an effort to end these partnerships for good, we’re holding the first Ban Ring Coalition Campaign meeting where we’ll discuss a campaign to pass local ordinances to effectively ban these partnerships (even in cities without partnerships). The meeting takes place on Thursday, March 23rd from 1-3pm EST. We’re hoping you can attend.

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At the meeting, we’ll talk about the ordinance, the recent changes to how these partnerships work, share the ordinance campaign toolkit, and discuss ways we can work together to lead campaigns and/or support local efforts to ban Ring-police partnerships.

A little background on Amazon Ring-police partnerships: Ring cameras surveil millions, from children playing in the park to people visiting health clinics to protesters exercising their First Amendment rights. Alongside the massive growth of this private network of cameras, the tech giant is aggressively expanding their police partnerships. Amazon’s doorbell, floodlight, mailbox, and dash cameras record and collect data on our whereabouts, our homes, and our communities. This massive surveillance dragnet poses an existential Orwellian threat to the daily lives of the public at large and to our democracy�but for Black and Brown communities Amazon Ring technology puts their lives in immediate danger.

Should you need any additional information or have any questions please email me.

Ayele B. Hunt
Campaigns Director
Fight for the Future

(813) 707-3584


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