Sign a Petition for the Strongest Refinery Pollution Rule, Testify


December 15, 2020 all-day

The Bay Area Air Quality Monitoring District (Air District) is planning to finalize a rule that would reduce pollution from the Chevron and PBF (formerly Shell) oil refineries in Richmond and Martinez—two of the largest refineries in the world.  Due to pressure from the fossil fuel industry, the Air District is seriously considering a weak version of the rule.

This is where you come in.   The Air District will be meeting to consider this rule on December 17th, which is why we need your (or your organization’s) signature by December 15th, 2020.** 

If the Air District were to adopt the strongest rule possible, this would be the boldest action they will have taken in years to cut their pollution to stop harming communities of color.  We all need to push the Air District to adopt the strongest rule possible.

To learn more about Rule 6-5, the Cat Cracker Rule, and why it needs to be as strong as possible, please read this short CBE fact sheet, or a slightly more technical brief here.

The Air District’s regulation page with ongoing updates for Rule 6-5 is here.

** If you or your organization’s members are able to give testimony at the Thursday, December 17th Air District meeting, please email Andres Soto at


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