Rally and Caravan for Kerry Baxter Jr


January 16, 2022 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
San Antonio Park
January 16, 2022 will be the 11th year anniversary of the Murder of Kerry Baxter Junior. Join us for a March and Caravan at San Antonio Park in Oakland California.
For more event information: https://fb.me/e/19zALd3wz

The family and friends of Kerry Baxter Junior is holding a Community Rally and Caravan on the 11th year anniversary of his Murder. He was lured to San Antonio Park in East Oakland beaten and chased around the corner where he was shot in the back and died in front of San Antonio Church. It will be 11 years since he was murdered and the OPD has done nothing but harass his grandmother and put out lies about how he was killed. There were witnesses and others who saw what happened including his ex girlfriend and her friend who lured him to where he was killed. We are asking Attorney General Bonita to take over investigating his murder and prove that no one even the Police are above the law. We will meet at San Antonio Park and caravan to San Antonio Church where he was killed and then lead a caravan to the Downtown Oakland Police Station.


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