Palantir: Never Again Is Now! #NoTechForICE


September 13, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Palantir HQ
100 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto


#JewsAgainstICE and allies know our history. IBM sold tech to Nazis. Palantir sells tech to ICE. This state sponsored terror must end NOW. Join us in actions to shut down Palantir from coast to coast on 9/13 to demand they #DropICEContracts.

Because #NeverAgainisNOW!

We are calling on all those who denounce ICE’s reign of terror to join in action outside the Palo Alto headquarters of Palantir, a tech company that provides tools for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Last month, Palantir renewed its contract with ICE, providing a tool that has been used by ICE agents in investigations of children who crossed the border alone and their families. This tool, called Investigative Case Management, was used by ICE agents in an operation that specifically targeted the families and sponsors of unaccompanied children, comparing them to “smugglers” and investigating them for arrest and deportation.

Palantir has another tool that was used by agents leading workplace raids, which spiked 650% in President Trump’s first year in office, and we have seen ICE agents tackling people to the floor, handcuffing them, and loading them onto buses in front of their friends and family.


The signing date for Palantir’s ICM contract is September 20. It’s not too late for Palantir to pledge it will not work for ICE’s deportation machine. It’s not too late for Palantir workers to join hundreds of other tech workers saying #TechWontBuildIt and pledge that they will not use their skill to build tools for immigration enforcement.

Palantir is complicit. As IBM made punch cards for Nazi Germany or as Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the Nazi SS, so is Palantir hitching its legacy to a machine of human rights atrocities that will live in infamy. History teaches all of us that we must not repeat the mistakes of previous generations, mistakes that lead to grave amounts of human suffering.

We are seeing this suffering today — in concentration camps detaining thousands and thousands throughout the country, at our border where people are arbitrarily prevented from entering, and in workplaces, schools, and homes nationwide subject to cruel deportation raids. We refuse to stand by and see what new terror the administration will roll out with its corporate partners.


We know that the pressure of the people is working and that our protesting is getting to Palantir’s decision makers. Tech conferences, not wanting to be associated with human rights atrocities, have been dropping Palantir as their sponsors. Palantir co-founder Joe Londsdale felt the need to write an op-ed defending his former company. And CEO Alex Karp was motivated to publish an op-ed in the Washington Post in a vain attempt to absolve Palantir of its role in ICE’s terrorism.

Until Palantir cuts its ties with ICE, we will make it impossible for them to do business as usual. We have learned a simple lesson from past human rights violations: It is only by sitting by and doing nothing that we allow suffering on our watch. Collaborators are complicit. We have a duty to oppose them.
Palantir must be held accountable. It’s time for tech workers throughout Silicon Valley to choose a side. Join us and demand that they do. #NoTechforICE


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