Open University Teach-in, Meeting via Occupy Cal


February 4, 2014 @ 1:00 am – 2:00 am
Sproul Plaza, Mario Savio Steps
University of California
Berkeley, Berkeley

Join the Open University @ Occupy Cal for our initial meeting of the semester on Monday Feb. 3rd 2014 on the Mario Savio steps.

1) Ax the Regents:
The UC Board of Regents is the root of all evil for the UC system. This board consists of 18 members appointed by the state Governor for 12 year terms, 7 Ex Officio members, and 1 Student appointed for 1 year terms. None of the board members are democratically elected and some are/will be on their second 12 year terms if we do nothing!

The individuals appointed/reappointed by Gov. Brown are all campaign contributors of his as the following article delineates and all have been heavily involved in the privatization, militarization and betrayal of Public Education.

2) BP Off Campus:
The BP-EBI deal is a $500 Million privatization scam which has diverted critical Energy research at Cal from truly sustainable sources to GMO microbes for rapid fossil fuel production patents for BP. Find all the details on our campaign website:

3) People’s History of Activism at Cal:
In an effort to prevent past activist mistakes and to create an institutional memory of all activism at Cal, the Open University has initiated an effort to compile, edit, and present an ongoing people’s history of activism at Cal. Find below one of such articles:

4) Cops Off Campus:
From the UCPD thugs that brutally beat peaceful student protesters at Cal on Nov. 9th 2011 or pepper sprayed peaceful students at UC Davis on Nov. 17th 2011 to the recent takeover of the UC Presidency by the secretary of homeland security (a.k.a. the chief federal cop) all presence of armed hired hands is an unprecedented disturbing. Most civilized countries do not allow the presence of armed police on school and university campuses. Then why would the #1 Public University in the world allow such a travesty?

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