O C C U P Y F O R U M F I E L D T R I P: Occupy the electoral process!!


November 4, 2014 @ 1:00 am – 5:00 am
Prop G headquarters
1590 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Ruthie Sakheim
O C C U P Y  F O R U M  F I E L D  T R I P :
Occupy the electoral process!!
YES on G

After our last OccupyForum, Addressing the Housing Crisis Head-On, we’ve decided to do just that:

OccupyForum will be joining the YES on G peeps at their headquarters the night before the election to do whatever it takes

to pass this local ballot measure and keep our brothers and sisters from being kicked out of their homes.

Prop G stops evictions by penalizing speculation and quick “flipping” of rental property.

(Only multi-unit properties that are bought and resold within five years will face surtaxes under the law.

Single family homes, condos, and owner-occupied housing will never be taxed under Prop G.)

Let’s throw our might against the rampaging capitalist speculators determined to turn all but the wealthiest out of our fair city.

(Over 10,000 SF tenants have been displaced by the Ellis Act since 1997.) Let’s fight the national, state and local realtors associations

(which have put well over $1.5 million into stopping it), and resist one of the Bay Area’s most detested corporations, PG & E,

(which just threw $180,000 into the fight to defeat G!)

We will take to the streets to rally the 99% to vote YES on G!All hands on deck! We are legion! Expect Us!(We will regroup for a drink after helping get out the vote.)

Solidarity with our brothers and sisters to keep our homes!


YES on G is asking us to drop off polling location information for the western end of SF (transportation provided) and make phone calls.

The larger effort will start around 5 pm  but volunteers can stop by any time after 10 am. Food will be provided.

Yes on G also needs volunteers on Saturday, Sunday and especially Tuesday, election day. Please contact Yes on G at:

San Franciscans Against Real Estate SpeculationProp G: “Shall the City impose an additional tax of between 14% and 24% on the total sale price of certain multi-unit residential propertiesthat are sold within five years of purchase or transfer, subject to certain exceptions?”

Prop G will penalize flipping properties and evicting all the tenants; or in plain English (or Spanish),

“S T O P   T H E  E V I C T I O N S ! ”  “ ! A L T O � A   L O S  D E S A L O J O S ! ”



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