Non-violent direct action preparations and training – Protect People’s Park


August 7, 2022 all-day
People's Park
2556 Haste St
CA 94704

Non-violent direct action preparations and training

Please plan to stay all day. Lunch provided by Food Not Bombs
This will be a day of preparation for being in the streets and park with your friends and probably some strangers. It’s an interactive day with a background in the history of nonviolent philosophy and practical action, the legal process, jail solidarity, affinity group formation, and consensus process decision-making.

Donate: Support the legal actions to save People’s Park

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To ALL who believe in preserving and growing the legacy and natural beauty of People’s Park: Now is the time to come to its aid. PLEASE DONATE, here or ALL DONATIONS WILL BE RECORDED AND REIMBURSED IF WE WIN THE CASE!

Support the effort to protect People’s Park with a contribution via GoFundMe or Donate via Venmo to support the protection of People’s Park. Point your phone camera at the QR code, or visit

Read more about supporting the legal efforts.

EMERGENCY ALERT: TEXT “SAVETHEPARK” TO 74121 to get on the alert list to protect People’s Park.


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