Memorial for the Homeless Who Have Died on Berkeley’s Streets


May 15, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Civic Center Steps
Downtown Berkeley

a *MEMORIAL/VIGIL for all whom we know who have died in Berkeley in the last 12 months*.

Many Consider The Homeless Volunteers will remember *KK… died June 2018*, and *Michelle Larson, died October 22018*. Some may remember hearing about *Lisa Blowers*, found dead on Telegraph Ave with her wheelchair and her dog back in *May 2018*, about a week after her encampment was raided… About a month later, her partner *RICHARD* died. In the last month a woman was found dead in her tent, her name was *MELINDA*.

A few days ago we heard of *Eric Sibbald*’s death. He was one of thee resident’s of the old *9th St. Shelter*, and one that we interviewed while trying to save it. You can watch it here,

Eric was lucky enough to get one of the few spaces that were available for the 9th St. Shelter’s residents. The reduced size was only capable of sheltering one-half of what they were able to do on 9th St. Last week, an ambulance was called to the new Vet Bldg Shelter, as Eric was having another heart attack. Eric died at the hospital.

Frank Bombo

Sadly, he was one of three residents we had met while on this campaign to *Save The Shelter* that have died since shelter moved to ½ capacity.

Last month we were informed that *Frank Bomba* died. We knew him as one of the un-housed workers at the shelter. When 9th St. Shelter closed, he lost the job there, and ended up back on the streets battling his personal demons. Sometime, in April of 2019, Frank lost that battle and died of an overdose.

Another guest at the old *9th St. Shelter* that we had the opportunity to meet and interview was *Mary Evans* and her husband, David. Both were sick, and in need of regular care.

Mary Evans

At the time, Mary was doing a series of kemo trearments and was worried about what they would do after the shelter closed. Both Mary and her husband were also lucky enough to get space to remain with the Dorothy Say House Shelter when it moved to the Vet Bldg. Not sure of the circumstances of Mary’s death, only that she crossed over in *February 2019*.

There has  been _NOTHING_ in the papers about these three friends and am sadly reminded that officially, there is NO count of how many un-housed die every year.


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