Mass Rally to Count Every Vote!


November 4, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Oscar Grant Plaza
14th & Broadway

As we approach the November election, the multiracial working class is facing multiple crises: dangerous school reopenings, no pandemic relief, continued police violence and repression, climate change crashing down upon us, and a potentially chaotic General Election looming before us.

But we know that collective action in the streets is still the best antidote to the anger and fear we face daily. As democratic socialists, we must be a visible and committed force fighting for democracy and building a mass movement of the working class.

That means — whatever the status of the election — we need to be ready to mobilize on November 4th. Join East Bay DSA and coalition partners from across the Bay Area as we rally to demand that every vote is counted, and to begin organizing to grow DSA and our movement in the coming months. We’ll convene at Oscar Grant Plaza starting at noon for a mass rally and day of action. RSVP below!


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