December 4, 2013 @ 4:00 am – 6:00 am
Old Court House Square
Mendocino Avenue & 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Facebook Event & RSVP.

This is a march scheduled to take place on the 3rd of December, starting at 8:00pm. We will rally at The old court house square, and march up Santa Rosa to the Sheriffs dept. (unless people within the group “action for andy lopez” would like to start at a different location. This is Your march. This is Andy’s march so all input is welcome.. This is intended to be a peaceful action, but also an action to let the city of Santa Rosa, as well as the Sonoma County Sheriff that we will not let up, and that we will be heard. December 3rd should be a historic day in Santa Rosa.

There is also an earlier event “No arrest=No Elect” taking place at 4:30pm. This is a protest that will be held at the location of the District Attorney’s fund raiser, which she is having to raise money for a re-election campaign. Most of us will be attending this action, and then follow it up with “light up the night for Andy Lopez.

There are several reasons we are calling for a march in the dark. 1) This will cause the same police who are killing us, to spend the same money they purchase weapons and bullets to kill us with, on observing our march. 2) The 2nd reason we are calling for a march in the dark is because we are living in DARK DARK times. We live in a world, where a thug with a piece of tin on his blue shirt, can murder a 13 year old boy in cold blood, yet suffer no consequence. Because of this darkness in which we will endure, we will march in the dark……

Deputy Gelhaus may think that he killed Andy Lopez…… but he did not. Andy lives on now and forever in all of us who have been touched by this tragedy. Andy’s light will not go out, and we will be his light,3) The fear factor of this gang called the police, needs to be removed from the youth EVERYWHERE . This will help build these kids up, just as all previous and future actions that they take part in will. on December the 3rd….. We suggest all participants where black. This is not only as a symbol of mourning, but also a show of unity. We will be one on this night. To Andy’s Friends, schoolmates, peers, etc…. Ride your bikes, skate boards, scooters, or walk. Just be there. If you have a flashlight bring it. Bring pots, pans, bullhorns, or anything else to make yourself heard. Together we will bring light to the darkness in the Name of Andy Lopez.


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