Introduction to Research Justice: How Does Research Aid Revolution? A Live Broadcast Webinar


February 5, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
On the Internet
Planet Earth

The Research Justice Collective, in collaboration with the Data Center, the Dream Resource Center, and the Industrial Workers of the World Survey & Research Committee, presents



Data Center

Dream Resource Center

IWW Survey & Research Committee

Those in power rule by coercion and consent. We see this in the violence wreaked by states when people are caught in the borders. By bosses when workers rise up. By the police when they stop and frisk Black bodies and, sadly, take Black lives.

We accept this violence because knowledge produced by mainstream institutions tells us this is okay, the normal order of things. White men in lab coats take measurements and proclaim in courtroom documents and academic journals, that this is all in order. Grassroots voices, the experiences of the dispossessed, are not considered. Power over is justified.

Research justice is about subverting this order of things. To challenge the status quo by confronting mainstream knowledge with our own experiences and inquiries. To tear down the walls separating researcher from researched. And, to use community-driven research to unsettle power and transform our worlds.

Join us for a live webinar where we introduce the framework of research justice and share two case studies. Jay Donahue will present a new toolkit by the Data Center. Imelda Plascencia will share a research justice project by undocumented youth across California, inquiring about health care and wellness. Last, the IWW Survey & Research Committee will present militant research, where workers-researchers combine campaign research with worker’s inquiry to build one big union.

The moderator is Joe Aasim and technical/outreach support provided by Yvonne Yen Liu, both of the Research Justice Collective.



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