Fight the CDCR’s Proposed Gang Association Rules, Etc


November 10, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – November 11, 2014 @ 1:00 am

Please join Flying Over Walls, Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity, CURB and many others in fighting the latest round of CDCr’s attempts to censor communications across the walls! CDCr publicizes at its website that the purpose of these censorship rules is to forbid “publications that indicate an association with groups that are oppositional to authority and society.”

These proposed regulations seem to be a retaliation to try to prevent future hunger strikes or meaningful organizing of any kind. These new revisions do almost nothing to address the widespread concern and opposition voiced just a few months ago when the original version of the regulations were proposed. We need policies that open the lines of communication with our incarcerated family, friends, loved ones and political allies, not shut them down. Deadline is November 10 for public comments to the latest revisions put out. Please send in comments and make calls to let them know we are watching!


Now that CDCr has passed new STG (Security Threat Group, aka gang) regulations, if any STG-associated incarcerated person’s name or letters are published in a newsletter (aka TGIJP’s Stiletto, Black & Pink’s monthly newsletter, Critical Resistance’s The Abolitionist, SF Bay View’s newspaper, etc.), then the whole newsletter can be banned, so as to ensure that “inmates shall also not possess or have under their control written material or photographs that indicate an association with a validated member or associate of a Security Threat Group. ”

And, if not banned, if they publish an article or picture of a “validated” member of a STG (whether or not it’s true, because the STG regulations are so absurd), another prisoner’s possession of it may be used to indicate that he or she is “associated” with the prisoners whose work is published in it, which could lead to them being “validated” as part of a STG and end up in SHU (solitary).

CDCr also continues to deem as contraband any number of items that a person in the SHU may innocently possess.

Please invite others, notify local media and help us raise awareness so that the CDCr does not try to slip this regulation through. Comments supposedly will only be “heard” to the extent that they address the revisions, rather than the originally proposed text, so please mention the revisions in your letters, even if it is just to say that these revisions do not address our original concerns.

*********************FAX-IN, EMAIL-IN, WRITE-IN!!!*************************

Please submit written comments to:

Timothy M. Lockwood, Chief,
Regulation and Policy Management Branch,
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation,
P.O. Box 942883,
Sacramento, CA, 94283-0001;

by fax to (916) 324-6075;

or by e-mail at (We additionally recommend that those responding by e-mail cc

Comments must be received or postmarked no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 10, 2014.

Sample letters and other resources will be posted in the comments section. Please post letters that you’ve sent and information that you want to share in order to support others in crafting their letters, emails, calls and faxes!!

*********************************AND CALL-IN!!!*******************************

In order to raise the pressure, once you have submitted your written comments, please also call Lockwood’s office to voice concern: (916) 445-2269. If you cannot get through, you can also call Christopher Abshire: (916) 327-5305.

Call-in script:

“Hi, my name is _________. I’d like to speak to Chief Timothy M. Lockwood or his staff person who handles public comments.

[You will almost definitely be told no one is available to speak with you. You can then tell the receptionist or whoever you are speaking with:]

“I am calling to express my concern / anger about the CDCR’s newly revised obscene materials regulations issued October 20. I’m upset that the Department has failed to meaningfully take into consideration concerns previously expressed by hundreds of community members regarding the originally proposed text, despite the Department’s promise that it would go back to the drawing board and its claim that the public had misunderstood its intent.

As a resident of [your city & state], I am very concerned that the description of what constitutes material from a Security Threat Group consists of materials that are highly subjective to individual interpretation on the part of prison staff and includes everyday items that may be innocently possessed. The CDCR needs to ensure that (1) no publication will be banned—permanently or temporarily— merely because because it has political or sexual content and correspondence typically protected by First Amendment constitutional rights, or because a person in custody with STG affiliation has chosen to publish his name and/or location in an editorial, news article or penpal request; and (2) no person in custody will be penalized simply for possessing publications that reference or include “affiliated” members of an STG.

[If you don’t get to have a real conversation with someone, make sure you leave your name and number and ask them to have a staff person call you back.]


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