DAC: Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Privacy and Data Retention


May 9, 2014 @ 1:00 am – 3:30 am
Hearing Room 2, City Hall, Oscar Grant Plaza
Broadway & 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

The second meeting of the DAC Ad Hoc Privacy and Data Retention Policy Comm is
this Thur.  Below are the current members and agenda.  CM Schaaf and Kalb have
still not appointed anyone.

Lynda Lye (Matt Cagle alt.)
Eduardo De Loa (attended 1st meeting)
Carl Chan (no show)
Jesper Jurcenoks (attended 1st meeting)
Brian Hofer (attended 1st meeting)
Robert Gray (no show)
Robert L. Harris (no show)
Jon Wactor (attended 1st meeting)
Allan Brill (attended 1st meeting, left for Africa next day.  Allan is gone about 2 months)
Aestetix (just appointed, will attend 2nd meeting)

Meeting Agenda
1)      Election of Chair and Vice Chair
2)      Discuss and select a date for delivery of a completed policy to the
city. (Sept/Oct 2014)
3)      Discussion of intended outcomes
a)      Privacy policy for DAC addressing at least (but not limited to):
i)      Information Sharing Agreements
ii)     Penalties for Abuse
iii)    Auditing
iv)     Data Retention
v)      Analytics (Currently not part of the DAC – we could preempt future
policy work on this by having an opinion.)
vi)     Protection of Whistleblowers
b)      Recommendation on the scope of a Privacy Policy: Should the City have
a privacy policy for other city functions outside of the DAC and if so, what
guidelines should be established for drafting such a policy
c)      Recommendation for a City Privacy Officer (selection, responsibilities
4)      Agree on structure for writing the DAC Privacy and Data retention


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