Community Study Session on Tasers: San Mateo County Board of Supes


February 11, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
400 County Center
Redwood City
Long overdue, the SMC Supes have decided to have a COMMUNITY Study Session on the use of Tasers, by county Law enforcement. In 2018 Law enforcement tased 3 persons to death. Public Comment is part of this session, and we need all people to come and speak up about use of the murdering weapons which are used as an extension of excessive force by law enforcement.
Justice4Chinedu, and members of the community at large, have been speaking out at BoS meetings since his death on 3 Oct 2018, requesting the immediate release of video and 911 call logs for this date. The Board of Supes have done nothing, in spite of unrelenting public comment, and contact from constituents, and on 4 Dec 2018, they approved a $4M contract with Axon, the taser manufacturer without an RFP. This was in the afternoon, the same day, after >90 mins of public commentary in the morning. Come let our Supervisors, DA & Sheriff know what we think of their underhanded tactics, and egregious duplicity in this matter, and for those who have no voice! Join us, please and share this info freely with friends.

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