No Business As Usual: Ferguson Solidarity Action Against Police Terror at Walmart


November 29, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Oakland Walmart
8400 Edgewater Drive
Oakland, CA 94621

Community outreach action to shoppers about Walmart’s connection to funding police terror.
* Ask John H Crawford III’s family – the 22 year old Black man was killed in an Ohio Walmart in August, for being a customer looking at one of their BB guns for sale.
* Number 1 on the Fortune 500, with net sales of $473.1 billion, Walmart rakes in $16 billion a year in profits and steals more than $8 billion a year from taxpayers forced to subsidize food, healthcare and housing for Walmart workers struggling to get by. The taxes they do pay provide significant funding for local police repression forces.

Walmart is the largest employer of African-Americans in the United States. About 19% of Walmart’s 1.4 million US workers are African-American. Unfortunately, Walmart jobs keep our communities in poverty—wages average just $8.81/hour. A full-time Walmart associate earns less than 70 percent of the 2013 federal poverty line for a family of four.

At the same time, workers at Walmart struggle to get the hours they need to make ends meet. People of color are also underrepresented in management jobs at Walmart

Walmart’s low wages are not good for any workers, but minorities are disproportionately represented in low-paying positions. While people of color made up 37% of Walmart’s US workforce in 2012, only 27% of first and mid-level officials and managers were minorities.

Walmart is a Job Killer in Our Communities

Walmart store openings destroy almost three local jobs for every two they create by reducing retail employment by an average of 2.7 percent in every county they enter.

Please support OurWalmart workers Black Friday, 11/28, protests at Walmart stores around the Bay area including the Oakland store at noon and the Richmond store at 9am. See link for more info:
This action is organized by Anti-Police Terrorism Project, a project of ONYX in coalition with CRT, Healthy Hoodz, Young Oakland, Workers World, Alan Blueford Center for Justice, and POOR Magazine/ Pensa Pobre.

GENERAL MEETINGS: Third Thursday of the Month, 7:00 PM, Eastside Arts Alliance.

#shutitdown #endpoliceterror


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