Billionaires Can’t Teach Our Kids!


May 8, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
1001 Broadway
CA 94607


On May 8th, the NewSchools Venture Fund (NSVF) will hold its annual conference in Oakland. NSVF — funded by billionaire donors is a venture capital fund that works to expand charter school proliferation in local communities like Oakland. Unchecked charter growth already costs OUSD schools over $57 million a year. Oakland kids deserve better — and Oakland won’t let NSVF hold a conference in our Town without a response.

Join us in the streets on May 8th as the conference begins, and we’ll tell NSVF to get out of Oakland! Educators, parents, students, and community members are all welcome and encouraged. We want to show that working class solidarity is strong in Oakland, so let’s show up in force! Bring any signs and DSA/OEA swag you have!

OEA will be organizing speakers, music, and providing food.



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