BART Board & Police Review Cmsn Mtg – Public Comment on Policing


August 10, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Participation instructions here
In response to Black Lives Matter, the tragic murder of
George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, Bay Area social
justice protests and public demand, the Board of
Directors requests that the General Manager work with
the Board of Directors on an immediate stakeholder
process to develop changes to the BART Police model
that de-emphasize the use of sworn personnel to
respond to homelessness, behavioral health and
substance use, among other issues that do not need an
armed police response. Recognizing that much has
been done to implement progressive and equitable
policing practices, we also need to consider a different
model of public safety that is more effective and
prevents racially biased policing. The goal is to have
recommendations for consideration in October when
the Board considers revisions to this year’s budget.

4. a. BART Police Model Enhancements. For information.
b. Overview of the BART Police Citizen Review Board Model. For information.
c. BPCRB Stakeholder Input and Recommendations. For discussion.
d. BART Board of Directors’ Comments and Feedback. For discussion.


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