Eviction Defense: Moms 4 Housing
Dec 26 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Moms 4 Housing Court Date / Eviction Defense @ Hayward Hall of Justice
Dec 30 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

On December 26th, court was continued until December 30th, when Moms 4 Housing will be given a chance to make their case.

Check out @Moms4Housing on twitter.

Sign the petition


Participate in the eviction defense, as necessary, by showing up at 2928 Magnolia St., Oakland, CA after 9:00 AM.


Moms 4 Housing Eviction Defense @ Moms' House
Jan 13 @ 6:30 am – 11:45 pm

The Moms who occupied a vacant house in West Oakland on Nov 18th, owned by a development corporation, lost their court case Friday, the judge ordering the Sheriff to evict them “within five days.”

At their press conference at the house after the decision, the Moms called for people to stand with them beginning at 6:30 AM at 2928 Magnolia (one block off Adeline), Oakland.  Should you be willing to risk arrest in non-violent civil disobedience the Moms and their allies have lawyers available and ready to help.  Otherwise, there are plenty of roles for those not willing or unable to risk arrest, and the more bodies there are the less likely Sheriff’s deputies are to attempt an eviction.

Depending on what happens, they will need people continually throughout the day and evening and into Tuesday.  Coming at any time (and perhaps bringing food or coffee…) will help.


Follow their twitter feed:

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Their website:

Their statement:

No one should be homeless when homes are sitting empty. Housing is a human right. The Moms for Housing are uniting mothers, neighbors and friends to reclaim housing for the Oakland community from the big banks and real estate speculators.

Moms for Housing is a collective of homeless and marginally housed mothers. Before we found each other, we felt alone in this struggle. But there are thousands of others like us here in Oakland and all across the Bay Area. We are coming together with the ultimate goal of reclaiming housing for the community from speculators and profiteers.

We are mothers, we are workers, we are human beings, and we deserve housing. Our children deserve housing. Housing is a human right.

A statement as of 1/12/20, from

One of the homeless mothers who has been living in a vacant West Oakland house since Nov. 18 scoffed Saturday night at an offer by the house’s owner to pay to move them out and shelter them for the next two months, calling the offer “an insult.”

“It is deeply disingenuous for this multi-million-dollar corporation, through their multi-million-dollar public relations firm, to pretend to be concerned about the well being of black families,” said Dominique Walker, one of the mothers who has been staying at this Magnolia Street house, owned by the real estate investment firm Wedgewood Properties. “Wedgewood CEO Greg Geiser is desperate to avoid taking responsibility for how this company has contributed to the housing crisis that is causing families like mine to be homeless and for participating in an industry that has robbed Black and marginalized communities of land and wealth for generations.”

“We want to buy this home through the Oakland Community Land Trust, but Wedgewood would rather see our kids be in shelters or worse,” Walker said in her statement Saturday night. “We have seen corporations with blood on their hands try to buy public favor and this is an example. Their ‘offer’ is an insult.”

Earlier Saturday, Wedgewood said it’s offering to pay for the women’s move to a shelter run by a nonprofit and pay for them to stay there for two months.

Wake Up Call: Part of MLK’s Radical Legacy Weekend @ MacArthur BART Station
Jan 17 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am

Join SURJ’s Mobilization Committee for our annual “Wake-Up Call” during the 6th Annual Reclaim Martin Luther King Jr.’s Radical Legacy Weekend. We’ll be calling commuters in with broadcasts of inspiring MLK speeches, passing out information on alternatives to calling the police, and inviting people to come out to Monday’s big MLK Day rally and march (see for more info).

MLK’s Radical Legacy and Climate Strike @ Oscar Grant Plaza
Jan 17 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

MLK’s Radical Legacy and Climate Strike, January 17-20

The Anti Police-Terror Project will celebrate the sixth annual Reclaim MLK’s Radical Legacy weekend, starting with support for a youth-led climate strike and Resilient Village Friday January 17.  Throughout the weekend people and organizations will hold events, culminating with the sixth annual march and rally on  Monday.

Events will highlight the struggles against ICE and concentration camps, for housing for all, against school closures and cops in the schools. They will support families and community against police violence, movements for land and growing our own food, and the Oakland Climate Strike and Resilient Village organized by Youth Vs. Apocalypse and Mycelium Youth Network.

More details as they are available here

The Friday Resilient Village, 10 AM – 1 PM, will raise awareness about climate resilience and how youth can stand up for climate justice. It will include   hands-on workshops on herbal making, civic engagement, art, water catchment, live art making, youth performances, an open mic, and more. This event will provide youth with strategies for addressing climate change within their families and communities and ways to work for climate justice on a local and global scale. This action is youth led and co-hosted by YVA, Mycelium Youth Network, Planting Justice and others.

Guerilla Housing: Reclaiming Dr.King’s Legacy of Radical Action @ Near Burger King, East Oakland
Jan 18 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Join us to build “The Right to Exist” Village no experience necessary! (But if you’re a builder, give us a call.)

For the past three years, The Village in Oakland #feedthepeople has participated in Reclaiming Dr. Martin Luther King’s Radical Legacy by reclaiming unused and/or neglected public landed owned by the City of Oakland to build temporary emergency shelter for our brothers and sisters living on the streets.

The goals are simple:
1. Let people get off the ground, out of tents and into something safe until permanent deeply affordable housing is accessible to our people.
2. Show how illegitimate, ineffective, cruel and inhumane the mayor and her Encampment Management Team are in approaching the homeless crisis that her decisions helped create.
3. Connect the dots between gentrification, the housing affordability crisis and the homeless state of emergency.
4. Inspire regular people like us – both housed and unhoused – to take matters in our own hands and provide community driven solutions since city hall refuses to.

This past year, we focussed on upgrading existing curbside communities by building homes and communal kitchens, upgrading self made homes,, defending self built homes from demolition, and improving conditions at curbside communities that are neglected or brutalized by the mayor’s encampment management team.

One such community is in East Oakland behind the Burger King on East 12th and 14th Ave. We built three emergency homes, are providing regular trash service, and supported the residents in their political empowerment – in particular learning about their rights and developing self government.

This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, instead of moving on to an empty piece of public land, we call all housed and unhoused volunteers to concentrate our energies on this East Oakland encampment and finish building “The Right To Exist” Curbside Community – that the longterm residents have designed and named.

On January 18 & 19th from 10am to 5pm, we will build 5 tiny homes, a communal kitchen, a solar shower, a bike operated washer, raised garden beds, and paint murals on the three finished homes. We will serve food all day, do a huge trash pick up along East 12th from 14th to 22nd Ave, and offer workshops and services for our unhoused brothers and sisters: Know Your Rights, Adverse Possession and Squatters Rights, Health and Wellness for Curbside Living.

If you want to help us prepare, you can join a committee by contacting Needa Bee at 510-355-7010 :
– building (for skilled builders, carpenters and handy people)
– gardening
– trash pick up
– murals
– outreach to surrounding neighborhood
– food services
– donation solicitation
– portapotty outreach – finding a neighboring business or community to sponsor portapotty services

But, most importantly, please come on MLK weekend – even if you can only be there for a couple of hours! Bring your friends and neighbors (housed and unhoused), too!

If you cannot contribute in person, please contribute resources: We need $16,000 to complete this work. We currently have $8,000 raised. To fill the gap, you can

– donate at
– send a gift card to TheVillage ( at
– donate building materials, food, etc, by contacting

If you have other questions or media requests, please contact Needa Bee at 510-355-7010.

Rally! The Unhoused Across CA Reclaim Their Voice! @ Sacramento City Hall
Jan 21 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


The time it long over due for those in poverty to be heard. Unhoused,advocates, and allies will be coming in from across CA. we will have a rally and an undisclosed action.

On Nov 4 2019 we had to disrupt a meeting with 350 statewide representatives. Our main demand was that we be at the table in these forums panels and homeless policy workshops. We have been approached by less then a handful of reps. We wrote a statement with 21 demands. We also mentioned we would be heard or we would start shutting it down. Martin Luther King Day is the day before this event. This is the same fight 50 years later. Everyone come and be loud and help remind this government they work for all of we the people. NO MORE ABOUT US WITHOUT US, NO MORE DEATH ON THE STREETS AND HOUSING NOW! CA has 189,000+ unhoused. There is a war on the poor.

The National law Center on Homelessness and poverty just released its 2019 report. In the 120+ report is the HALL OF SHAME 7 total made the list. Sacramento made the list due to the stockton blvd sweep and the city trying to sue the unhoused, also redding CA made the list regard mayor trying to gain conservatorship of the unhoused. UNITED WE MUST RISE AGAINST THE INJUSTICES. SACRAMENTO IS THE PLACE TO SHUT IT DOWN! SILENCE IS COMPLICITY AND COMPLICITY IS CREATING POLICIES THAT ARE KILLING PEOPLE!


Leap Day Action – Declare Climate Emergency – extravagant spectacle, roving street party @ Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza
Feb 29 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Use your Extra Day to Declare Climate Emergency and keep carbon in the ground

*For life, beauty and joy & against eco-destroying robber barons!

The earth is not dying – it is being killed.
The corporations killing it have locations near you
(including in downtown Berkeley)

*Roam downtown visiting, decorating and disrupting banks and corporations*
*Build zero waste compostable altars for the 1 billion dead animals at each target*
*Dress as an Australian or Amazonian animal*
*Marching band / mobile bike sound system*
*Kid friendly *

Bring disguises, decorations, musical instruments, pogo sticks, your heart and dreams

Where Do We Go Berkeley March @ University Ave & Frontage Rd (Seabreeze)
Mar 10 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


Earth Day(s) – Extinction Rebellion
Apr 22 – Apr 24 all-day

Next week, millions will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day together, even though we will be physically separated.

Instead of mass protests, from April 22 to 24, youth and adult activists are coming together for Earth Day Live, a three-day live stream focused on climate action. The live stream will include training sessions, performances, and appearances to keep people engaged, informed, and inspired, with speakers including celebrities, politicians, scientists, and youth activists.

Click here to find out more about Earth Day Live and hear about big announcements � including the full schedule of events from April 22-24.

We are leaning into healing and togetherness to provide comfort and inspiration during this time of anxiety and the unknown. On all three days, we are centering the stories and voices of frontline, Indigenous, and POC leaders.

Here’s an overview of what’s happening each day:

  • April 22  STRIKE: The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is about demonstrating collective power in the face of today’s multiple crises. There will be performances, conversations, training sessions, and more.
  • April 23  DIVEST: The world’s largest banks have pumped $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since the 2015 Paris Agreement. We can’t let fossil fuel companies use the pandemic to loot trillions more when people need relief so desperately. Led by the Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition, April 23rd focuses on the role of money in driving the climate crisis.
  • April 24  VOTE: We need leaders who will address the existential threat of climate change, and for this to happen, we need people to show up at the polls. Led by the US Youth Strike Coalition, April 24th will focus on voter registration and feature a digital, relational voter registration challenge to see which region of the country can register the most voters.

Stay tuned for more info about local sessions coming to you from the SF Climate Justice NVDA Spokescouncil on April 23 at 9:00-10:00am and 4:00-5:00pm. To get involved in Youth Vs. Apocalypse’s #NoOneIsDisposable social media campaign, virtual art build, Climate Strike Live Streams, or Green New Deal and Just Transition workshops, email

Click here to find out more about Earth Day Live and take part in one of the biggest days of digital action the climate movement has ever seen.

We may be physically separated, but we can and we will come together in solidarity on Earth Day and beyond.

Wood Street Community Action Day
Apr 26 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Community Action Day Assisting Homeless
May 10 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


May 11 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


Car Rally to #ProtectOaklandWorkers:

Calling on City Council to Pass Emergency Paid Sick Days and Right to
Return to Work Policies

Gather in front of Xfinity & Popeyes

End at Eastmont Mall (by Burger King) by 12:30 pm


Half the Oakland City Council failed to show up for workers [2] this
week to pass an emergency paid sick days law that would have protected
workers and the community during this pandemic.

We are joining EBASE and other community partners for an action, riding
through the Fruitvale and East Oakland, the areas hardest hit by
COVID-19 [3], to call on Councilmembers Gallo, Taylor and Reid to stand
with Oakland workers.

Join us in sending a message that Oakland’s workers are essential, and
deserve protections!

* Pass a strong Paid Sick Days law, with no loopholes that requires
all employers to provide universal, immediate paid sick leave during a
public health emergency.
* Protect workers’ livelihoods by ensuring that when it is safe to
return to work, they still have a job with a Right to Return policy.
* Stand up the Department of Workplace & Employment Standards to make
worker protections real.


* A car
* Signs with Messages:

* Protect Oakland Workers!
* Show Up for Workers!
* Councilmember Gallo: Support Workers!
* Councilmember Taylor: Support Workers!
* Workers Need Paid Sick Days!
* Workers Need the Right to Return to Work!

* A bullhorn, if you have one
* Your protective mask
* We’ll bring a planned route, signs, tape and window paint

Please let us know if you can participate by emailing

Just Say No to Oakland’s Eviction of Homeless
Jun 3 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

The Town Sits OUT the Curfew – Civil Disobedience Against the Curfew @ Oscar Grant Plaza
Jun 3 @ 8:00 pm – 5:00 pm

#TheTown Sits OUT the Curfew

Our coalition includes
Anti Police-Terror Project CRC Oakland Rising
Bay Rising CURYJ Black Organizing Project
Ella Baker Center

Family, JOIN US Wednesday night 6/3 at 8:05 pm

We, The People of Oakland, and our allies and accomplices around the bay, DISSENT to the steadily encroaching FASCISM of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department’s 8pm curfew order!!!

We’ll be sitting down in the intersection of 14th and Broadway to say an unequivocal “F***k your curfew!”

Everywhere we turn there are reminders to fight for each other’s freedom. Today, 6/2, is Miles Hall’s Angelversary ( ). We defy the sheriff’s orders in honor and memory of him, as well as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Steven Taylor, and countless others murdered by so-called civil servants.

The CURFEWS here and nationwide are RACIST policing measures that serve the militant suppression of The People. These measures are in clear, direct response to us rising up in defense of Black Lives. We won’t submit to Trump’s “Law and Order State”.

On Monday, June 1st, young organizers from Oakland Tech led a George Floyd Solidarity March that was multigenerational, peaceful, and 15,000 STRONG

On Monday, June 1st, at 7:57 pm, OPD threw flashbang grenades and teargas into the gathered crowd and proceeded in making 100+ arrests into the night — rounding up protesters and non-protesters alike, including many of our unhoused neighbors and essential workers


Our coalition includes
Anti Police-Terror Project
Oakland Rising
Bay Rising
Black Organizing Project
Ella Baker Center

You, your loved ones and friends

NOTE: We remain committed to offering to post bail for Black & Brown folks arrested while protesting. Please contact us if you know of anybody arrested and held who needs this support.

PANDEMIC REMINDER: Wear your mask. Hold 6 foot distance as much as possible. Bring sanitation supplies such as hand sanitizer for yourself, and more if you have enough to share.

Juneteenth: Oakland Port Shutdown! @ Port of Oakland, SSA Terminals
Jun 19 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

STOP Police Terror, Systemic Racism & STOP the Privatization of the Port of Oakland!

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Longshore Division will stop work at all 29 ports on the West Coast for eight hours to commemorate JUNETEENTH, the holiday celebrating the end of slavery.

Join ILWU Locals 10, 34, 75, 91 for a day of solidarity & resistance. AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!

Oakland’s Wood St. Homeless – Community Action Day
Jun 21 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Homeless Eviction Defense
Jun 23 @ 8:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Community Action Day – Wood St. Homeless Community
Jul 19 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
#Oakland !!! Join us for another community action day in the time of the #coronavirus We will be talking to residents, hauling out trash, gardening and building more handwashing stations! We will be out all day!



Speak Out Against Illegal Caltrans Evictions
Jul 27 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm