Support Not Sweeps! Rally at CalTrans District 4 Headquarters @ CalTrans District 4 HQ
Jun 22 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
UNHOUSED residents and liveaboard mariners of the Bay Area and the state of California are converging on CalTrans HQ to demand District 4 director Dina El-Tawansy to CEASE AND DESIST from displacing people living on CalTrans land and people living anchored out on Richardson Bay.

Join us to resist evictions at a RALLY on CalTrans District 4 HQ doorstep – 6/22 @ 2 PM. Speakers and musicians will elevate the voices of the unhoused at a press conference honoring WHY people should be allowed to REMAIN IN PLACE or be offered REASONABLE, PERMANENT housing. Hosted by a statewide coalition of CalTrans and public land and water based curbside communities, encampments and anchorages, including Wood St People’s Collective, Wood St Commons, Cob On Wood, Camp Cormorant, Where Do We Go Berkeley, Poor News Network/Homefulness, Marin County Homeless Union, Camp Compassion, SacSoup, Sacramento Homeless Union, Essential Food and Medicine, and Artists Building Communities.

Encampments around the BioRegion have come together to resist eviction by CalTrans, the largest landholder in the state of California and the most brutal landlord. ‘Sweeps’ of more than 200+ unhoused residents are planned by July 1st around the Bay Area with NO ADEQUATE OFFER OF HOUSING, promising to funnel Oakland and Berkeley residents into out of sight, out of mind Safe RV Lots that have faced heavy criticism.

As the City of Oakland’s Safe RV Lot on Wood St is set to open with capacity to host 40 functional, registered RVs as a justification for moving forward on sweeps around Oakland and Berkeley, residents say WE WON’T GO into out-of-sight-out-of-mind, inaccessible and unreasonable temporary housing. Even CDC officials guidelines as of June 7th, 2021, state: “If individual housing options are not available, allow people who are living unsheltered or in encampments to remain where they are.” These RV lots often do not provide space for adequate social distancing measures, do not allow cooking on site, have a curfew, and do not allow visitors or even children of residents to stay overnight.

El-Tawansy is also a commissioner on the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), and has supported crushing of boat homes anchored in the bay are having their homes destroyed:

We are calling on state, local, city, county officials and the public health department to protect our unhoused communities – provide SUPPORT and STOP THE SWEEPS! Local health officers may take any measures to ensure the safety and protection of public health – sweeps and displacement are a CRISIS. See Section 8558 of the Government Code.

This coalition has drafted an open letter to the governor that can be accessed at to demand an end to this inhumane treatment for encampments around the state. We are asking organizational partners to endorse this letter and demanding a direct meeting with Governor Newsom himself.

Camp Compassion, Novato: Jason Sarris, +1 (415) 879-6507
Richardson Bay Anchorage (Anchor Out Community): Arthur Bruce (707) 774-4815
Marin County Homeless Union: Robbie Powelson (415)847-7500
Sacramento Homeless Union: Crystal Sanchez

#SupportNotSweeps #StopTheSweeps #HousingIsAHumanRight #ServicesNotSweeps #BasicHumanDignity #ClearTrashNotCommunities #NoMoreDeathintheStreets

CARE NOT COPS Noise Demo @ New City Hall
Jun 23 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

We are gathering every Wednesday at noon on the steps of City Hall to demand a community budget that prioritizes CARE Not Cops!

The City Manager is proposing a budget that INCREASES funding for the Berkeley Police from last year! This is despite the city’s supposed commitment to “reimagine public safety” and decrease funding to the police.

In advance of the final budget vote on June 29, we are gathering EVERY WEDNESDAY AT NOON on the steps of City Hall to make them hear us and demand a community budget that prioritizes CARE NOT COPS!

We cannot continue with business as usual. According to the City Audit, BPD stopped Black people at a significantly higher rate than their representation in the Berkeley population (34 percent compared to 8 percent). The data also shows that less than 1% of all calls for service were for violent crimes and that 55% of calls to Berkeley Police came in on their “non-emergency” line. BPD failed to even capture data on how many calls involved unhoused people or those with mental health issues.

We need to hold the City Council to their promise to reimagine public safety. We must divert our city funds to alternatives that: (1) are completely independent from the police, (2) are accountable to our most impacted community members, (3) don’t respond only during crises and then leave, and (4) are transparent to the public.

Join us and make noise on the steps of City Hall! Bring your pots, pans, noisemakers. We’ll have speakers and open mic. Tell Berkeley why this is important for everyone’s safety.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

For more info on the Care Not Cops campaign and our Five Demands for the Specialized Care Unit (SCU), go to:

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Tell Libby Schaaf: Housing is a Human Right! @ Safeway, then walk to Libby's house
Jun 26 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Even during a global pandemic, our elected leaders keep throwing tenants under the bus. We demand: No more evictions! Cancel the rent! Decommodify housing! Housing is a human right!
Please wear a mask!
Contact us at 415-968-6090 for accessibility info.
Sponsored by: JDW Tenants Union, SMC Tenants Council, People’s Tenants Union, Madison Park Tenants Council, and PSL Bay Area – Cancel the Rents.