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Occupy Oakland Block Parties and Cookouts Coming in March 2012 – Check Back for Dates

Occupy Oakland Block Party & Cookout Series: N.E.W. (North, East, West) Oakland Community Outreach Program After the high profile clashes of the J28 Move-In Day and in the lead up to what we expect will be an exciting spring climaxing with the planned General Strike on May 1, we feel that this period is a crucial moment for Occupy Oakland to do outreach and connect with the many neighborhoods and organizers across Oakland in order to build a stronger movement and lay the groundwork for our collective future. In this … Continued


Know Your Rights Training – The Holdout, Oakland – Sunday, February 12, 2012 – 12:00 to 6:00 PM

Occupy Legal, the National Lawyers Guild, the Anti-Repression Committee, Copwatch, and the Bay Area Committee to Stop Political Repression present a day of community education at The Holdout. Sunday, February 12, 2012 12 Noon – 6 PM The Holdout: 2313 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA Join us for a series of workshops and skill shares designed to help empower our movement and community to take the law into our own hands. Topics will include: know your rights when dealing with the police, documenting/observing police brutality and misconduct, street law, know … Continued


Day of Action Against Police Repression – Monday, February 6, 2012 – 8:30 AM: Coffee Not Cops – 1:00 PM: March to Courthouse

Occupy Oakland has faced heavy police repression since its inception.  From the first police raid on October 25th, when the camp was violently destroyed and people were brutally tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets, to the recent targeted snatchings and arrests of the last couple weeks, and finally to the attack on Occupy Oakland in its attempt to move into a vacant building which manifested itself in tear gas, rubber bullets, assault grenades and the mass arrest of up to 400 people, Oakland’s Police Department and City Government have … Continued


Occupy Oakland Will Participate in Global General Strike on May Day – May 1, 2012

Occupy Oakland Calls for Participation in a May 1, 2012 Global General Strike The General Strike is back, retooled for an era of deep budget cuts, extreme anti-immigrant racism, and massive predatory financial speculation. In 2011, the number of unionized workers in the US stood at 11.8%, or approximately 14.8 million people. What these figures leave out are the growing millions of people in this country who are unemployed and underemployed. The numbers leave out the undocumented, and domestic and manual workers drawn largely from immigrant communities. The numbers leave out workers whose workplace is the home and … Continued


Occupy Oakland NEEDS bail funds!! Donation link attached!

OCCUPY OAKLAND NEEDS BAIL FUNDS! (click here to donate) Police Chief Howard Jordan has been quoted in AP saying there were almost 400 people arrested yesterday. There are many people who were arrested that need urgent medical attention, people who have been injured by the police or do not have their medication with them that they need to treat prior conditions. We need the money to bail these people out!


Jan 29 Occupy Oakland Rise-Up Festival is at Oscar Grant Plaza!

Here is the schedule:
Afternoon schedule:
• 1-2 pm: BBQ & Voices of Liberation Rally
– Featuring Corrina Gould, speakers from Occupy the Hood, Gerald Sanders and an open forum with comrades from other movements across the region.
– BBQ provided by the OO kitchen committee and donations
– bring food to donate and share!

• 2-4 pm: Second round of panels & discussions on
– Police Repression & Prisons featuring Elaine Brown, Jack Bryson, Bo Brown, & a member of the OO anti-repression committee
– Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Struggles featuring Corrina Gould, Michelle, V, Luta Candelaria and Chris Oakes
– Crisis of Oakland public schools featuring Nick Pomquist, Jack Gerson, Javier & Emily Macy
+ Guerrilla Storytelling with kids by Amy from the Oakland Public Library
Here is the schedule:


Detailed Schedule of the Occupy Oakland Rise Up Festival that will be this weekend at our new Social Center!!

Occupy Oakland will be holding a weekend long festival starting this Saturday, January 28 with the takeover of an empty building where it will host workshops, panels, a film festival, live music, assemblies and more. The Oakland Rise Up Festival runs through Sunday night and features over 50 speakers and performers including former Black Panther Party leader Elaine Brown, anarchist anthropologist and member of Occupy Wall Street David Graeber, feminist, revolutionary & historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and many more. Saturday has been designated the Move-In day and activities will focus around … Continued


If you have been arrested at Occupy Oakland, please read the following (includes warnings about filming and participating in Move-in Day).

The District Attorney has recently filed charges against some of the people arrested on December 12th and 30th. However, they have not notified people that these charges have been filed. This means that if you were arrested at any point during Occupy Oakland and your charges were not filed during an arraignment, there is still a possibility that the charges have now been filed and there is a warrant for your arrest. Therefore, if you have been arrested, you should call the District Attorney immediately to determine the status of your … Continued


Occupy Oakland Plans Mass Takeover of Vacant Building

Oakland, CA– On January 28, Occupy Oakland will take over a vacant building in the city of Oakland to establish a new home, social center and meeting space for the movement. The “Move-in” action will begin with a two-day festival at the new building site, the location of which will remain undisclosed until the day of the event. The seized building will be converted into a social center for the movement. This building takeover/move-in action was approved by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly and signals a new direction for the … Continued