Occupy Oakland NEEDS bail funds!! Donation link attached!

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OCCUPY OAKLAND NEEDS BAIL FUNDS! (click here to donate) Police Chief Howard Jordan has been quoted in AP saying there were almost 400 people arrested yesterday. There are many people who were arrested that need urgent medical attention, people who have been injured by the police or do not have their medication with them that they need to treat prior conditions. We need the money to bail these people out!

Many people who have medical needs were unable to prevent themselves from being arrested, or to retrieve their medication, because the police did not give a dispersal order– they just kettled. We are still gathering names.

Our bail funds have been dwindling significantly as a result of the police backlash against occupy oakland in the last month, if you are able, PLEASE donate – 10, 50, 100, whatever you can!

Go to this link!



4 Responses to “Occupy Oakland NEEDS bail funds!! Donation link attached!”

  1. ae3

    Occupy, you have taken one of the most progressive cities in the country and turned us against you. You have spat in our faces, vandalizing and defecating in my neighborhood at my son’s school after we welcomed you last fall! After Occupy trashed the kids art and smashed the original architects’s model of city hall??? You seriously want money from us??? Go home and p___ in your own backyards!! You seriously want money from us???!!!??? Start washing the grafitti

  2. Tlahtolli

    This post is confirmation that Occupy Oakland is being run by kids. You want to privatize the profits and socialize the losses? Seriously?

    How about you all grow up and suffer the consequences of your actions. You done goofed up this time.

  3. Simcha

    Why should any resident of Oakland or anyone else donate to release people who couldn’t care less about us. Last night we the residents of Oakland were taken hostage by selfish and ego driven zealots who no longer represent us. As an Oakland resident and a member of the 99% I most certainly will not donate to bail out people who care nothing about me or the city of Oakland.

    Most of them don’t live here. Why aren’t they working for change in their own communities? Perhaps it’s because their own communities are even less tolerant of their antics than we Oaklanders are. Please don’t take our tolerance for support or acceptance. We don’t appreciate people coming to our city acting as if they know better than we do about how to address our own problems. We definitely don’t appreciate the destruction of our community for your pet causes.

  4. dbbates2008

    I am all for peaceful demonstrations whether I agree with them or not. But c’mon. There is a growing group within the Occupy movement advocating violence. I think the recent destruction in Oakland shows that. I do not think they should be bailed out and rewarded for violating the law. How would people feel if gun rights advocates camped out and set up shooting ranges in parks? And tore up public buildings? You would all demand they be arrested!