Jan 29 Occupy Oakland Rise-Up Festival is at Oscar Grant Plaza!

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The Oakland Rise-up Festival is still on and will be occurring at the plaza January 29 at Oscar Grant Plaza!

Here is the schedule: http://occupyoakland.org/?p=16794

SUNDAY JAN 29: Conference Day

• 8-11am: Breakfast, Coffee & Morning Workshops
– Yoga & meditation
– Body Workers will also be on site
– Arts & Crafts time
– including workshops on the Paris Commune with Gerald Sanders, De-escalation training with Melissa and Mike from Sugetsukan, Trauma & Self Care with OO Safer Spaces, Divide and Conquer: Mapping Exploitation with Ryan Smith, Basic pepper spray and CS gas training with the OO medics, What California can learn from Latin America with Laura Wells and Andres Soto & much more!

• 11-1pm: First round of panels & discussions on
– Current Crisis of Capitalism featuring Laura Fantone, Jim Davis, Eddie Yuen & Francesca Manning
– Connecting the struggles from Oakland to Syria, Egypt and Palestine featuring Miriam Zouzounis, Noura Khouri and Shimaa’ Helmy
– Anti-authoritarian critiques of Occupy featuring Lawrence Jarach, Red Hughes & Greg

 • 1-2 pm: BBQ & Voices of Liberation Rally
– Featuring Corrina Gould, speakers from Occupy the Hood, Gerald Sanders and an open forum with comrades from other movements across the region.
– BBQ provided by the OO kitchen committee and donations
– bring food to donate and share!

• 2-4 pm: Second round of panels & discussions on
– Police Repression & Prisons featuring Elaine Brown, Jack Bryson, Bo Brown, & a member of the OO anti-repression committee
– Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Struggles featuring Corrina Gould, Michelle, V, Luta Candelaria and Chris Oakes
– Crisis of Oakland public schools featuring Nick Pomquist, Jack Gerson, Javier & Emily Macy
+ Guerrilla Storytelling with kids by Amy from the Oakland Public Library

• 4-6 pm: Third round of panels & discussions on
– Oakland Radical history featuring Elaine Brown, Gifford Hartman, Larry Shoupe, Robert Ovetz & Ricardo
– State of the labor movement and radical organizing featuring Kim Rojas, John Reiman & Chris Carlson
– The Relationship Between Gender, Sexuality and Political Violence featuring Oki, Lobna Darwish, Devin, & Barucha

• 6-7pm: Dinner provided by the OO kitchen committee
– featuring a conversation between David Graeber & Andrej Grubacic
– bring food to donate and share!

• 7-9pm: Occupy Oakland Sunday General Assembly
– organized by OO Facilitation Committee

• 9-12pm: Concert, Poetry & Films
– Hosted by OO’s MC Shake & Teardrop
– featuring DJ G Star & special guests
+ Poetry by Jasper Bernes, J.Clo & more

• Ongoing: Outside Bus Show
– featuring Acid Fast, Alabaster Chode, Bad Blood, Neon Piss, Mugwart, Que Se Mueran


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