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Banking Action:  November 5th, at 10am – Join the march/action against Well’s Fargo practices of investing money into detention centers!

“The most marginalized people within the 99% are fed up and we are calling for an occupation of Well’s Fargo Detention Center in Downtown Oakland just a few yards away from the Occupy Oakland Camp.

Well’s Fargo Detention Center (AKA Bank) has been making Billions of dollars investing in Immigrant Detention Centers (AKA Concentration Camps) and at the same time they invest aggressively in anti-immigrant lobbying to pass laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 which fill those camps with undocumented profit. ”


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  1. brokeamerican

    Wait a minute, let’s back up. Immigrant Detention Centers and Concentration Camps are two vastly different things and it’s an insult our intelligence and to the millions of people who died in Concentration camps to imply they are one and the same.
    You do realize that some of the people in those Immigrant Detention Centers are actual criminals – people who committed real crimes such as rape, murder, etc, right? You do realize that it’s possible to come into this country legally and documented; right? You do realize that there are people who chose to come into this country legally and documented and get legal work permits every day and people who chose not to?
    You do realize that a bank and a detention center are not the same thing; right?
    Do you also realize that with everyone trying to get the Occupy movement to march on or support or whatever all these issues is a big reason the media keeps saying that we have no idea what we’re protesting about?