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GA moving back home to OGP

GA Hand Raising

When: Next Sunday at 2pm and every Sunday thereafter. Where: Our rightful home, OGP. Why: Now that all of the unconstitutional stay-away orders have expired we are not forced to pick between the safety of our comrades and being kicked out of our original home. OGP is more comfortable, accessible and visible. Let’s reclaim our home! How: Those in attendance at the 3/10 GA decided unanimously to move the meetings to OGP. What: Over the months the Occupy Oakland GA has evolved/devolved into a much less process-bound meeting. People come … Continued


Lakeview Sit-in raided 7/3! Rally at 5pm.

Dozens of cops raided the Lakeview Sit-in at 4am kicking out a bunch of families and teachers. Two were arrested including one parent and former student. Rally will be held at the Lakeview steps at 5pm. Stay tuned for more. At 4:00am this morning the Lakeview Sit-in and People’s School for Public Education was raided by 40 cops to allow the School District to begin moving administrative offices into the school building while a thousand Oakland students remain displaced. The final dispersal order was given by OUSD Police Sergeant Barhin … Continued