Lakeview Sit-in raided 7/3! Rally at 5pm.

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Dozens of cops raided the Lakeview Sit-in at 4am kicking out a bunch of families and teachers. Two were arrested including one parent and former student.

Rally will be held at the Lakeview steps at 5pm. Stay tuned for more.

At 4:00am this morning the Lakeview Sit-in and People’s School for Public Education was raided by 40 cops to allow the School District to begin moving administrative offices into the school building while a thousand Oakland students remain displaced.

The final dispersal order was given by OUSD Police Sergeant Barhin Bhatt. The same Sergeant who murdered an unarmed Skyline student Rahiem Brown outside of a school dance in 2010.

All people present were forced to evacuate and two arrests were made.


We will use our power as a community to make sure that the administration stays out of Lakeview

This school belongs to the community!

The People’s School for Public Education is continuing to hold classes today and throughout the week

and we will be hosting events and rallys in the coming days and weeks.

We are holding a rally at 5pm to continue the fight for these 5 elementary schools and to fully-funded public education for all students.

Come join us to support the Lakeview Sit-in and the Fight for Quality Public Education for all!

Spread the word!


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