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West Coast Port Shut Down got it right …

Despite all the lamestream media’s crying about the truck drivers losing a day’s wages, check out Seattle now: 18204


prophesy deliverance decolonize/occupy oakland

This is offered in the spirit of an Occupy Oakland Committee for Absurd Ideas which I understand is primarily focused on political performance art. The idea though is not just about performance art, but rather about developing further the inter/national conversation of the DeColonize/Occupy moment. We may want to think about proposing a transitional national council for the lands now called the United States in #DO or #OO and then on through Inter-Occupy nationally. Transitional national councils were previously established in Libya, Egypt and there is presently one in Syria … Continued


Encampment Matters in the 2011 Decolonize/Occupy Moment

Encampment Matters in the 2011 Decolonize/Occupy Moment. John Hayakawa Torok, Nov. 19, 2011. “Is this an occupation or an infestation?” Washington Post, Nov. 15, 2011. “For the poor citizenship consists of supporting and sustaining the power and idleness of the rich. They must work for those goals before the majestic equality of the laws, which forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread.”  Anatole France, 1894. To the memory of the April 1914, Ludlow, Colorado campers.   The Occupy/Decolonize encampment … Continued


Black Alliance for Just Immigration Supports OWS/Oakland

From: Gerald Lenoir <> Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 09:12:35 -0700 Subject: BAJI STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF OCCUPY OAKLAND/OCCUPY WALL STREET To: Undisclosed recipients: ; STATEMENT OF THE BLACK ALLIANCE FOR JUST IMMIGRATION IN SUPPORT OF OCCUPY OAKLAND AND OCCUPY WALL STREET The world spotlight is on Oakland, California, a city that has historically been recognized for its strong resistance to injustice.  >From the Black Panther Party, to the Bay Area Free South Africa Movement, to the Rainbow Coalition, to the Justice for Oscar Grant Committee, the people of Oakland … Continued


Alameda Central Labor Council Supports Nov. 2 Action

Day of Action – November 2nd Excitement is continuing to build nationally and worldwide for the “Occupy Movement”! Workers, students, unemployed, homeless, seniors, those who have lost their homes to foreclosures and those who have lost their jobs – the 99% are standing up and fighting back against the 1%!!!! We are experiencing the results of a failed economy and inability of the richest nation in the world to provide for the 99%. We know that the 1% is only getting greedier and richer. But, things are changing and this … Continued


Alameda Central Labor Council Supports Occupy Oakland/Wall Street

Support the Occupy Wall Street Oakland Movement ALAMEDA LABOR COUNCIL RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF OCCUPY WALL STREET AND OCCUPY OAKLAND Whereas, the Occupy Wall Street protest and its Oakland counterpart is an action opposed to the income inequality, the unfair tax structure, the bank bailouts, and the undue corporate influence and greed that has created America’s current economic malaise, undermined its social contract, and laid to waste its ideals, and; Whereas, the negative effects of this elemental economic injustice are borne by middle class working families and the poor, while … Continued


The 2011 Occupy/DeColonize Moment

The 2011 Occupy/Decolonize Moment. John Hayakawa Torok, Oct. 16, 2011. Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”) is a social movement begun September 17, 2011 by a handful of protestors who encamped at “Liberty Square” in lower Manhattan. In a month it has spread to over a thousand actions across the United States.  It is also denominated as the 99% as against the 1% of the wealthiest and highest earning Americans who, along with finance capital, are perceived as having excess power over U.S. and global governance. This 1% is identified as the … Continued