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[#1 for 1/18/12 GA] Finance Proposal for January 24th Egyptian Solidarity March

January 25th marks the one year anniversary of the occupation of Tahrir square. A working group has already planned a day of rallying, speakers, and a march for Tuesday the 24th in celebration and solidarity with our Egyptian revolutionary comrades. Another working group has formed around doing outreach for this event and some of us are here to ask for a budget. We are requesting $300 for outreach fliers and posters publicizing the 24th action, as well as informational fliers bringing attention to US corporate production and sale of the tear … Continued


[#2 for 1/18/12 GA] Finance Proposal for the Building Move-in

On January 28th, a vacant  building will be taken over en masse by the Occupy movement and its supporters, to be turned into a social center for our movement. The takeover will kick off with a two-day festival featuring discussions, panels, performances, music and dancing. During these two days, the building will be prepared so that we can rebuild the Oakland Commune, a public space where we come together in struggle and solidarity, providing free food, housing, healthcare, education and much more, just as we did at our camp. The … Continued


General Assembly Agenda 1.18.12

I. Welcome II. Welcome Announcements III. Agenda Overview IV. Open Forum V. Reports from Committees, Subcommittees, and Caucuses VI. Overview of Process VII. Proposals 1. Finance Proposal for January 24th Egyptian Solidarity March 2. Finance Proposal for the Building Move-in VIII. Action Announcements IX. General Announcements 16214


GA Minutes: 1.15.12

Oakland General Assembly 1.15.12 Approximate Start Time: 2:30 pm Approximate Head Count:  100  WELCOME ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM I’m here with OWS for the first time.   We talked about what’s going on there, Move In Day, and the differences in POV of the movement based on the gender gap. We talked about Move-In Day and how important it is to hold space. We talked about the news that has come about regarding the decline in crime since the inception of our camp.  This shows us that it is important to hold space. PROPOSALS … Continued