From Baltimore to Oakland: Solidarity March for Freddie Gray.

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Some one hundred people gathered across from the Oakland Federal Building last evening, April 27th, 2015 at 6:00 PM, participating in a short rally and preparing to march.

March they did, into West Oakland, looping back through Oscar Grant Plaza, marching uptown, then downtown to the police station on 7th, and uptown again before dispersing around 10:30 PM. At its high point, the march may have been more than two hundred strong.

Called before Baltimore erupted, the protest took on additional significance as reports of police terror came out of Baltimore that afternoon, with high school students attempting to get home being kettled, less-lethal weapons being fired, and the Mayor of Baltimore calling protesters “thugs” and resorting to the tried, true and ridiculous theme of “outside agitators.”

Some tweetpics and comments from Monday evening’s march:

Into West Oakland.

Yes, Oakland’s activists do know the way to San Jose. It’s just that OPD refuses to let them have any piece of mind.

OPD caught off guard? They’ve never let a march get this close to OPD HQ in recent memory.

After the long march…


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