“Please Don’t Let Me Die.” Oakland Comes Out for Ferguson Solidarity Rally and March.

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Helicopters buzzed over the city as some two hundred Ferguson solidarity protesters left OGP about 5:30, attempting to making there way to the Oakland Police station on 7th & Broadway – to be met by a phalanx of OPD across 8th St. Other marchers who had started from Jack London Square and the Downtown Library eventually joined up, detouring around police who had blocked off all the streets surrounding their headquarters.

After a rally in front of the police line in which Jeralynn Blueford, the mother of 18 year old Alan Blueford – executed by Officer Miguel Masso on May 6th, 2012 – spoke passionately, the crowd, now some four hundred strong, marched back to 14th & Broadway. There, another set of speakers, including family members of other victims of police violence, spoke.

Marching then commenced again through uptown Oakland, winding up back at the Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheatre, where people broke into smaller groups to plan future endeavors against police terror.

At the Plaza before the march began.


Walking Billboard Against Urban Shield, Glorifying Police Violence, Sept 4-8 in Oakland



There Are No Good Cops in A Racist System! FTP


Facing the police across 8th and around the Station.




Back to 14th & Broadway.






Through Uptown Oakland.




Back to OGP.








Last Thoughts.






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