“The Solution to Police Terror is Unity.” Honoring Alan Blueford: All Lives Matter.

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Two years ago a young man ran terrified through East Oakland, pursued by an Oakland Police Officer. Tripping, then crashing into a gate and coming around, the last thing he likely saw was the barrel of a gun. Four shots rang out in rapid succession, the third fatally wounding Alan Blueford. His last words were “I didn’t do anything.”

Such is police terror.

On May 3rd, 2014, those of us who have pursued justice for Alan Blueford since that horrible day two years ago, family, friends and activists, came together in a celebration of life. Talking, rapping and walking, we remembered Alan.


The event was proclaimed


“Use Your Heels to Heal Our Community.”


At the same time and at the same place, the Lake Merritt fountain, concerned Bay Area residents demanding


“Bring Back our Girls!”


came together to raise awareness for the 276 young Nigerian women kidnapped on April 16th, with little attention given by the mainstream media to this horrific crime until very recently.



Some of the BringBackOurGirls crowd (red shirted) mingling with J4AB peeps.

After the convocation the Blueford crowd, flatbed sound truck in the lead, marched around Lake Merritt, a four mile sojourn.

This walk is not a protest, it is a time for community unity as we celebrate & honor Alan’s life. This walk is also a message to the Blueford’s & to the community the Alan’s life matters, all lives matter, including black & brown ones. We want to unite to send that message as we celebrate the life of one of Oakland’s lost sons, and along with Alan, all of our children lost to violence.

Such is unity.

Peruse the complete twitter essay of the event and march by (who else?) Alyssa (with a little help from other tweeters and photographers).


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