Strike Debt Radio: The Federal Reserve May Be Reserved, But It’s Not Federal!

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fed-organization-diagramEpisode 6 of Strike Debt Radio, airing on the Morning Mix on KPFA, was broadcast on 4/16/14.  Mike and Cassie of Strike Debt Bay Area explain what the Federal Reserve is – and what it is not.  And throw in some interesting sound effects to boot.

Listen, learn and then increase your knowledge even further with Episodes 1 through 5, broadcast periodically on the Morning Mix since early December, 2013. Finally, enjoy the full Strike Debt Song.

Episode 6: What is the Federal Reserve? 4/16/14

Episode 1: Drowning in Debt, 12/4/13

Episode 2: Student Debt, Part I, 12/18/13

Episode 3: Student Debt, Part II, 1/22/14

Episode 4: How Far to Free Education? 2/1/14

Episode 5: What is Money? 4/2/14

Strike Debt Song


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