$6,300,000 and … But Who’s Counting?

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Friday, March 20th, 2014, at 10:00 AM, eight-hundred and seventy-six days since cries of “What’s your name! What’s your name!” echoed across the world via Youtube, Scott Olsen and his lawyers stood before the press at Oscar Grant Plaza and announced a $4,500,000 settlement agreement.

But who’s counting?

Howard Jordan isn’t counting; he’s retired on a fat pension. Deanna Santana isn’t counting; she exited stage right and took her $200,000+ severance pay. Jean Quan isn’t counting – it’s not clear she can tally the cost of the “economic violence” OPD has done to Oakland, and if she could, she doesn’t want to.

While most everyone – except the Mayor – is evaluating once again the impact of Quan’s Folly let us also remember a few brave individuals who, as far as I know, have never come forward to be acknowledged. Those multiple people who came out to rescue Scott, got dispersed by a flash-bang grenade launched by OPD Officer Robert Roche, and then without hesitation CAME BACK OUT to get Scott and carry him away.

 photo scott-olsen-rescuers_zps1f432737.jpg

Without them, it might have only been lawyers out there at OGP today.


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